Press quotes

  • The Voice of Russia, 02 September 2014

    Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the CER, said: “She [Mogherini] is going to have to overcome the suspicion that a lot of Central and Eastern Europeans have about her attitude and the attitude of the Italian government to Russia. That is a big problem for her." (From 00:36 and 04:12.)

  • The Guardian, 02 September 2014

    Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform says there is no possibility of the other countries agreeing [to an end to EU free movement of labour], and no new treaty would pass in referendums.

  • EU Observer, 01 September 2014

    The CER’s Charles Grant said the fact that Tusk, whose country has not yet adopted the euro, is to chair summits of eurozone states, will cause “institutional tension”. “France wants to build up the eurozone summit as a separate institution and Tusk’s appointment might give it the argument he needs."

  • Politiken, 30 August 2014

    »Der har lige siden udvidelsen i 2004 været talt om en skillelinje mellem de gamle og de nye medlemslande. Men den økonomiske krise har været med til at ændre på det, fordi Polen har haft vækst, mens mange gamle lande har haft store problemer. Polen har vist sit værd« siger Agata Gostyńska.

  • Europaquotidiano, 29 August 2014

    Agata Gostynska, esperta di istituzioni europee al CER, ha parlato di una sorta di diplomazia “dell’ora di pranzo”: van Rompuy "ha fatto in modo che le questioni più delicate fossero discusse a tavola", faccia a faccia, scavalcando gli apparati tecnici dei vari governi.

  • NPR, 29 August 2014

    Hollande's attempts to carry out reforms while trying to revive growth is risky, says Christian Odendahl, chief economist with the Centre for European Reform. Odendahl points out that former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder did it, but he was not reelected. (From 01:18.)

  • The Guardian, 28 August 2014

    "A detailed and fair-minded appraisal of the macroeconomic consequences of these reforms might undermine the entire argument, and they are not available to the reader of Lyons’s report," wrote John Springford.

  • Wall Street Journal, 28 August 2014

    Ian Bond, foreign-policy director at the CER, says there is an irony in the compromise emerging ahead of Saturday's summit. While Mr Renzi's profile will be boosted if Ms Mogherini gets the job, "there are no very obvious winners" among other powerful member states.

  • Monocle Daily, 28 August 2014

    Ian Bond speaks to Monocle Daily Radio on the crisis between Russia and Ukraine (0:16:56).

  •, 27 August 2014

    As a CER study recently highlighted...Brexit would lead to Britain being classified as a "third country" by the EU...As such, Brexit would mean Britain continuing to be burdened by EU regulations...while having little or no say in what those standards should be.