Press quotes

  • Süddeutsche Zeitung, 02 March 2015

    Dann müssten sie ganze Abteilungen verlagern, müssten sie hoch bezahlte Spezialisten in London überzeugen, umzuziehen. Das werde nicht einfach, glaubt Christian Odendahl, Chefvolkswirt des CER.

  • Wall Street Journal, 26 February 2015

    “We will probably witness another late-night agreement in four months’ time,” says Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform, a London think tank.

  • dpa international, 25 February 2015

    "Europe will be a much more difficult market for Russian energy companies to penetrate in the future," Rem Korteweg, an analyst at the Centre for European Reform, told dpa Insight EU. "If they haven't noticed that yet, they surely will now."

  • Belarusian News, 23 February 2015

    According to Charles Grant, Europe is grateful to Belarus for its neutral position on the Ukrainian crisis. Only Belarus' position made the two rounds of Minsk talks possible.

  • Agence France Presse, 21 February 2015

    Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform, a think tank in London, told AFP that there had been a "shrinking of ambition".

  • Wilton Park, 21 February 2015

    Wilton Park interviews Ian Bond and Maria Lipman on the frictions on Europe’s eastern boundaries.

  • BBC Radio Scotland, 21 February 2015

    Ian Bond is interviewed by the 'Good Morning Scotland' show on BBC Radio Scotland to discuss the situation on the ground in Ukraine.

  • The New York Times, 20 February 2015

    “This deal won’t be a game-changer for the Greek economy — the outlook there won’t change dramatically” because the funds will largely go to repaying Greece’s debts, not to the real economy, said Simon Tilford of the CER.

  • The Telegraph, 19 February 2015

    “Syriza have made a lot of mistakes and there isn’t much sympathy for them,” said Simon Tilford. “But at the same time frustration is increasing at the Germans. Not every country is relaxed at the prospect of Greece being ejected from the euro.”

  • Energy Post, 18 February 2015

    Stephen Tindale is even more critical. “There is no chance we will have a European energy policy”, he says. “In an ideal world we would have it. But the differences between the member states are too large, for example in renewables or nuclear power.”