Press quotes

  • Conservative Home, 26 November 2015

    In Charles Grant’s words, “The future of the EU means fixing the euro, and the French have a plan, and the Germans reject it. Nothing else, e.g. Brexit, matters a lot. The French understand that the euro may be doomed unless the Germans shift their position, which they are not doing.”

  • Il sole 24 Ore, 21 November 2015

    "La posizione di Angela Merkel come leader del partito non è in pericolo" scrivono Christian Odendhal e Sophia Besch, del Centre for European Reform.

  • BBC News, 18 November 2015

    The Centre for European Reform argued that: "Europe should not dismantle Schengen, but improve it, by processing refugees more effectively, deploying many more border guards at Europe's outer borders and improving sharing intelligence among the member-states."

  • Voice of America, 16 November 2015

    Charles Grant, director of the CER, sees a congruence of interests between far-right anti-immigrant politicians and the Islamic State. Grant argues that jihadist militants want to provoke far-right politicians like Le Pen, leader of France's National Front, who even before the attacks was riding high in opinion polls.

  • The Telegraph, 14 November 2015

    Charles Grant, director of the CER warned that Islamic State wanted its attacks to bolster far-Right politicians like Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader who looks poised for a major victory in France's regional polls this December.

  • The Wall Street Journal, 13 November 2015

    At a weekend conference organised by the CER, most participants argued that the European Central Bank’s policies are too restrictive and the bloc’s rules don't leave enough scope for governments to stimulate demand through budget policies.

  • Der Standard, 12 November 2015

    Irland profitiert vor allem davon, dass die Wirtschaft in den USA und in Großbritannien boomt, beide wichtige Handelspartner aus irischer Sicht. In Spanien und Portugal haben die Lohnkürzungen dafür gesorgt, dass Unternehmen billiger produzieren können, sagt Simon Tilford, Ökonom am Londoner CER.

  • The Huffington Post, 11 November 2015

    As the CER's John Springford has pointed out, the four-year idea first cropped up in Cameron's immigration speech in November 2014. At the time, there was a real panic on about the rise of Ukip and Cameron needed a long ladder to get him out of his hole.

  • The Economist, 11 November 2015

    John Springford of the Centre for European Reform, a pro-EU think-tank, says any four-year waiting time would constitute illegal discrimination under EU law. Mr Cameron himself conceded that some other answer might be needed.

  • The Financial Times, 11 November 2015

    A stimulating conference recently hosted by the Centre for European Reform made it clear to us the euro had already failed to meet the expectations of its architects before the crisis. Sharing currencies was unnecessary for economic convergence, if not actively harmful.