Press quotes

  • The Telegraph, 27 January 2015

    Simon Tilford of the CER, said that Greece will remain trapped in crisis even if it wins a few concessions. “Nothing likely to happen will make any material difference for the Greek economy,” he said.

  • Politiken, 27 January 2015

    Som økonomerne Christian Odendahl og Simon Tilford, så har alle interesse i at undgå »atombombe-scenariet«, hvor Grækenland bare nægter at betale landets gæld for derefter at blive tvunget ud af møntunionen.

  • The Sofia Globe, 27 January 2015

    Germany is seen as the driving force behind austerity.  Government officials have stated that it may be better for Greece to leave the euro currency – but that is posturing to the German public, says Christian Odendahl of the CER.

  • The Guardian, 26 January 2015

    “In private, there are acknowledgements from some Europeans that they are going to have to move to towards the centre..and acknowledge that the European side has been part of the problem,” said Simon Tilford.

  • Voice of America, 23 January 2015

    So will quantitative easing, or QE, rescue Europe’s economy? Unlikely, says Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform in London.

  • Der Standard, 22 January 2015

    Der Chefökonom des CER, Christian Odendahl, erklärt sich die deutsche Skepsis so: "Der Öffentlichkeit wurde nie erklärt, was es heißt, in einer Krise Teil einer Währungsunion zu sein".

  • Global Post, 20 January 2015

    If SYRIZA wins outright, many believe it could find a compromise with the EU. "Both sides have an interest in avoiding the nuclear scenario," said a recent paper by the CER.

  • Financial Times, 20 January 2015

    “The stability of the euro and the futures of the participating countries will continue to be vulnerable to the short-term exigencies of German domestic politics,” wrote Simon Tilford of the CER.

  • Global Post, 20 January 2015

    "The attacks show that foreign policy and internal security are intimately connected," said Rem Korteweg, research fellow at the CER, when referring to the bloody attacks in Paris earlier this month.

  • El Pais, 19 January 2015

    “El sistema permite introducir alertas para sospechosos o susceptibles de cometer actos criminales en cualquier país de la UE, pero se utiliza poco”, explica Camino Mortera, del Centre for European Reform.