Press quotes

  • EU Observer, 10 June 2014

    Membership of the EU has been a "boon" for the British economy, and leaving the EU “would not be an economic liberation,” according to an expert group. The conclusion is part of a 92-page report published on Monday by the London-based Centre for European Reform.

  • The Telegraph, 10 June 2014

    Nor should Brexit be about the alleged suffocation of Britain by EU regulation. As the Centre for European Reform argues in its new report, this is greatly overblown.

  • The Telegraph, 09 June 2014

    Withdrawal from the EU would nullify Britain’s trading treaties with the world in one stroke and reduce the country to a supplicant pleading for re-entry into the global system, a top panel of experts has warned.

  • The Guardian, 09 June 2014

    The Centre for European Reform think-tank produced its final report [on the UK and EU single market] on Monday and as a dissection of Britain's economic relationship with the rest of the EU, it is hard to beat.

  • Financial Times, 08 June 2014

    “A bonfire of European rules would not transform Britain’s economic prospects,” according to the final report of the CER commission on the UK and the EU single market. “The idea that the UK would be freer outside the EU is based on a series of misconceptions”.

  • Financial Times, 08 June 2014

    But Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, says that by being “so shrill and outspoken in public”, the British may have made it harder for others to abandon Mr Juncker.

  • The Voice of Russia (Radio), 06 June 2014

    Stephen Tindale, associate fellow at the Centre for European Reform, talks to Voice of Russia UK Radio about relations between David Cameron and Jean-Claude Juncker (listen from 00:42).

  • CCTV News, 06 June 2014

    Rem Korteweg, senior research fellow at the CER, talks to The Heat about President Obama's relations with Europe (from 18:19).

  • The Guardian, 06 June 2014

    Charles Grant, director of the CER, says that part of Britons' tepid attitudes to the EU, is that we "had a jolly good war and think all the others were either on the wrong side or ran away and were defeated".

  • Agence France Presse, 06 June 2014

    "It is possible that if he [Juncker] becomes EU Commission president, he will be much less convenable to Cameron's desire to negotiate and repatriate some powers that he would have been if Cameron had supported him," Stephen Tindale told AFP.