Press quotes

  • Voice of America, 21 September 2015

    “The biggest issue that Tsipras will now [face] will be debt relief. He put it at the top of his agenda. But the problem is that the Europeans are not going to comprise much unless he tackles some of the tough reforms and austerity measures that have been agreed in the last deal,” Odendahl says.

  • The Wall Street Journal, 17 September 2015

    There are some ways to unblock the logjam. Rather than immediately force banks to hold significant capital on their holdings of government bonds, European regulators could set limits for how many bonds from one country a bank can hold, suggests Christian Odendahl, of the CER.

  • The Wall Street Journal, 17 September 2015

    “There’s been this assumption in the eurozone that Americans would raise rates and the European economy would be able to rely on a strong US economy and a strong dollar,” said Simon Tilford of the CER.

  • Bloomberg, 13 September 2015

    "Schengen is the essence of the European Union," said Camino Mortera, a research fellow at the CER. "Other countries may follow suit - Hungary, for example, might think it would be a good idea - and you could say that if Schengen were to collapse it could mean the whole idea of the EU is no longer valid."

  • The Sunday Times, 13 September 2015

    Camino Mortera-Martinez, a fellow at the CER, said Orban has a point: "Just as Hungary should not have built its fence without talking to others, the German announcement of the suspension of Dublin for Syrians is morally wonderful but has a pull factor that is dangerous for other states."

  • The Telegraph, 08 September 2015

    Junker first held ministerial office aged 28, and his strength is his longevity, according to Dr Korteweg of the CER. "He knows all these individual leaders and their predecessors, and the predecessors of their predecessors. He is the grandfather of the eurozone."

  • Reuters, 08 September 2015

    "The more he [David Cameron] makes these concessions and the longer he delays clearly coming out for a 'Yes', the more that damages his reputation and credibility with his EU partners and the less likely they are to help him get a good deal," said Charles Grant, director of the CER.

  • Politico, 06 September 2015

    Whether such pressures [estimated costs of handling refugees this year 10 billion euros] spark a backlash will depend on who is steering the debate, said Christian Odendahl of the CER. "Will it be determined by those who want to limit immigration or those who see a great economic opportunity if Germany becomes an Einwanderungsland?" he asked.

  • Financial Times, 04 September 2015

    In a 2012 report Hugo Brady, now an aide to European Council president Donald Tusk, called on European leaders to "snuff the fuse" lit under the Schengen endeavour. "Without more assertive political action and a fair amount of luck," he wrote for the CER.

  • The Independent, 02 September 2015

    "We may have a generation long battle against the new totalitarianism just as we did its predecessors," she said in a speech to the CER in London. "And just as we did faced with totalitarian regimes past, we have a moral responsibility again do our bit to help those who flee to survive."