Press quotes

  • Frankfurter Allgemeine, 29 June 2015

    Der frühere deutsche Außenminister Joschka Fischer warnt angesichts der Griechenland-Krise vor einem Scheitern Europas. "Ich bin ziemlich pessimistisch", sagte Fischer am Montagabend auf einer Veranstaltung der britischen Denkfabrik CER in London.

  • The Washington Post, 29 June 2015

    “Around the world, there’s a growing incomprehension that the Europeans have allowed something like this to spin out of control,” said Simon Tilford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform. “It could be very damaging to European credibility.”

  • The LA Times, 28 June 2015

    "The objective of the euro was to deepen economic integration between member states, foster a closer common polity and European identity," said Simon Tilford, deputy director of the CER in London.

  • NRC Handelsblad, 27 June 2015

    Charles Grant director of the CER, said: "The German ministry of Finance is prepared to let the Greeks go; their idea being that it would leave the eurozone in a better shape."

  • Daily Mail, 26 June 2015

    For Rem Korteweg of the CER, the summit was a setback for Europe. He cited migration, along with the Greek debt crisis, confrontation with Russia and British threats to leave as the "Four Horsemen" circling the summit.

  • Reuters, 25 June 2015

    Rem Korteweg of the Centre for European Reform said: "Four horsemen ... are circling together and affecting each other."

  • The New York Times, 19 June 2015

    “They are trying to craft a narrative that will make it look like it’s not their fault,” said Simon Tilford, the deputy director of the Centre for European Reform in London.

  • The New York Times, 19 June 2015

    “We are in a new place, and people are right to be worried about the political direction,” said Simon Tilford of the CER.“The eurozone crisis, combined with outside trends like migration and globalization, has exposed the disconnect between domestic politics in many countries and EU politics.”

  • Agence France Presse, 18 June 2015

    "The systems to share information exist, but they are not always used," said Camino Mortera-Martinez of the Centre for European Reform think tank.

  • Politico, 15 June 2015

    "In the fall, the Germans thought they could also deal with Syriza because Syriza would face the same constraints as Samaras," said Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform. "They thought, 'if we get a new government, we can negotiate with them'."