Press quotes

  • Helsingin Sanomat, 10 September 2014

    Miltä Suomen tilanne sitten näyttää nyky-Britanniasta käsin? Arvostetun Centre for European Reform -ajatuspajan ulkopolitiikkajohtaja ja Venäjän-tuntija Ian Bond kehottaa Suomea muistamaan, että EU:n yhtenäisyys luo turvallisuutta.

  • Reuters, 09 September 2014

    "Germany has ample financial room to spend more, and a boost in public investment would help the domestic as well as the European economy," said Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the CER.

  • Evening Standard, 05 September 2014

    "As Nato decides its response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Islamic State atrocities in Iraq and Syria, it should avoid the trap of thinking that 'my enemy's enemy is my friend', and rewarding Putin and Assad for their supposed help", says Ian Bond.

  • Monocle Daily, 05 September 2014

    Ian Bond speaks to Andrew Mueller on Monocle 24 Radio (0:06:06).

  • Der Standard, 05 September 2014

    Mehrere europäische Volkswirte teilen etwa die Meinung von Christian Odendahl, Chefökonom beim Centre for European Reform, der die jüngsten Maßnahmen als positive Überraschung sieht.

  • Der Standard, 05 September 2014

    Christian Odendahl, Chefökonom beim Londoner CER, hatte lange Zeit aggressivere Maßnahmen wegen der schwachen Konjunktur gefordert.

  • Voice of America, 04 September 2014

    “I’m sure that pressure from other NATO members will have had some influence on the French, but I think that...there was some concern about what they were really doing and why they were supplying ships to Russia in these circumstances,” said Ian Bond.

  • The Voice of Russia, 02 September 2014

    Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the CER, said: “She [Mogherini] is going to have to overcome the suspicion that a lot of Central and Eastern Europeans have about her attitude and the attitude of the Italian government to Russia. That is a big problem for her." (From 00:36 and 04:12.)

  • The Guardian, 02 September 2014

    Charles Grant of the Centre for European Reform says there is no possibility of the other countries agreeing [to an end to EU free movement of labour], and no new treaty would pass in referendums.

  • The Telegraph, 02 September 2014

    Speaking on the EU's economic sanctions on Russia, Ian Bond, from the Centre for European Reform, said “The chances are that we shall have another feeble package of half measures, which will only encourage Putin to press on”.