Press quotes

  • The Baltic Times, 04 June 2014

    Russia’s invasion of the Crimea is “the most flagrant breach of international law in Europe, and the West’s response has been hesitant and divided,” said Ian Bond. “Georgia ought to have been a warning.”

  • Inter Press Service, 03 June 2014

    Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the CER, told IPS: “In the past China and Russia’s cooperation in the UN Security Council was on what is common ground for them, i.e. that foreign powers should not interfere in the affairs of other nations. But Crimea has changed that”.

  • The New York Times, 03 June 2014

    “Inflation is so low,” said Simon Tilford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform in London, “because wages have fallen sharply and consumer demand and investment have been depressed.”

  • The Wall Street Journal, 03 June 2014

    "The lower inflation is, the harder it is for Spain or Italy to get on top of their debt burdens," said Simon Tilford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform, a nonpartisan London think tank.

  • Tageblatt Online, 03 June 2014

    Das Centre for European Reform argumentiert sogar, dass seit der Finanzkrise das Königreich beim Regulieren sogar eher strenger war als die EU. Der "Brexit" würde die City, das Finanzzentrum von London, deshalb nicht befreien, sondern schwächen, glauben die Experten.

  • The Telegraph, 02 June 2014

    Simon Tilford, from the Centre for European Reform, said the governing structure of the ECB prevents it from acting with the force of the US Federal Reserve or the Bank of Japan, which is needed to achieve full psychological effect.

  • The New York Times, 30 May 2014

    In the UK, the recession has given an added piquancy to anti-immigrant backlash,” John Springford [of the CER] said. “There are fears that Romanians and Bulgarians will take away jobs, even as there is little evidence for this. When people’s prospects are being squeezed, migrants are an easy culprit.

  • Rianovosti, 29 May 2014

    Ian Bond, the Director of the foreign policy CER says the divergent expectations of the European Parliament and EU member states set the stage for the failure of the Spitzenkandidat initiative.

  • The New York Times, 26 May 2014

    But assertions by Mr Farage that the European Union had suffered a fatal blow are overblown, according to Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, a British research group. “Cats have nine lives, and the EU has already had seven or eight,” Mr Grant said.

  • The Wall Street Journal, 26 May 2014

    "If the survival of the euro requires greater federalization, that's a worry because it's not going to happen," said Charles Grant of the pro-EU Centre for European Reform, based in London.