Press quotes

  • Marketplace, 24 November 2014

    Kotka claims e-residency will be totally secure. To qualify, you must supply biometric data — like finger prints — and be vetted. However, Ian Bond of the CER is not entirely reassured.

  • Financial Times, 19 November 2014

    With these credentials, the two men seemed ideally suited to guide the Riksbank’s policy through the turmoil, says Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform.

  • Politiken, 18 November 2014

    "Putin regner med, at den europæiske industrilobby vil sørge for, at sanktionerne ikke forlænges næste år", siger Ian Bond, udenrigspolitisk direktør ved CER.

  • LSM.LV, 17 November 2014

    Ian Bond speaks to Latvian State television on Vladimir Putin's participation in the G20 summit.

  • The Telegraph, 14 November 2014

    "The electorates in Italy and Spain have been stoical so far, but this is predicated on the belief that things will get better. There is a false sense of complacency about what will happen if this depression goes on for year after year," said Simon Tilford.

  • BBC Radio - The World Tonight, 13 November 2014

    Charles Grant comments on John Major's speech in Berlin on the UK in the European Union.

  • Le Figaro, 12 November 2014

    Cela montre que le "'tourisme social' n'est pas un problème et que, si se produit un abus manifeste du système, il est possible de l'arrêter", décrypte Camino Mortera du think tank britannique Centre for European Reform.

  • Wall Street Journal, 11 November 2014

    The judgment is "a pretty good thing for the UK in general and northern European countries who have been pressing for more action on the benefits question," said John Springford at the CER. 

  • L'opinion, 09 November 2014

    "Le temps nécessaire pour organiser les extraditions est passé d’environ 18 mois à entre 15 et 48 jours depuis l’entrée en vigueur du mandat d’arrêt européen en 2004 ", assure Camino Mortera-Martinez, chercheuse au Centre pour la réforme européenne à Londres.

  • Voice of America, 06 November 2014

    Simon Tilford, deputy director at the CER, believes time is of the essence. "The situation in the eurozone is very, very grave. Exceptionally grave," he said. "This is an economy that is still in some ways smaller than it was at the beginning of 2008."