Press quotes

  • The New York Times, 09 July 2014

    "If you think that drugs and prostitution are things that do not necessarily improve the quality of life in a country," said Simon Tilford, deputy director at the CER, "then including them undermines GDP as measure of well-being."

  • Bloomberg, 07 July 2014

    So what are Britain's exit options? A good place to start in thinking about this is "The Economic Consequences of Leaving the EU," a study published last month by the committedly pro-EU Centre for European Reform.

  • Financial Times, 06 July 2014

    “The economic consequences of leaving the EU”, by the CER...debunk[s] various unsubstantiated populist arguments: the alleged abuse of the UK welfare state by foreign EU nationals; excessive regulation from Brussels.

  • The Guardian, 06 July 2014

    John Springford [at] the CER says Cameron signed up to the idea of a digital single market as long ago as 2011, but that while he supports the removal of barriers to trade, he may be reluctant to accept edicts from Brussels on copyright and spectrum sales.

  • The Observer, 01 July 2014

    "The Juncker affair makes a British exit more likely. Cameron's strategy for keeping the UK in the EU supposes that he can negotiate a new deal and then persuade the British to vote for staying in a reformed EU," writes Charles Grant.

  • BBC Radio 4, 28 June 2014

    "It’s made it harder for other EU leaders to be seen supporting David Cameron. It’s made him rather toxic", said Simon Tilford on BBC Radio 4 Week in Westminster programme.

  • BBC Radio - The World Tonight, 27 June 2014

    Ian Bond talks to The World Tonight about Ukraine's relations with Russia after the signing of the EU Free Trade Agreement (30:47).

  • Die, 27 June 2014

    "Er [Cameron] verstand offenbar nicht, dass sein Ton und seine Drohungen es den anderen EU-Führern viel schwerer gemacht haben, ihn zu unterstützen", meint Simon Tilford vom Londoner Centre for European Reform im Gespräch mit der 'Presse'.

  • Agence France Presse, 26 June 2014

    "I think cool heads are required all round - Cameron needs to cool down and refrain from further threats, other leaders need to tone down the rhetoric on their side," said Simon Tilford, deputy director at the CER.

  • Associated Press, 26 June 2014

    "The message to British politicians is that EU member states ...would rather risk pushing Britain out of the EU than cause some temporary problems for Merkel," said Simon Tilford at the CER.