Press quotes

  • The New York Times, 13 November 2011

    "Not everyone can be like Germany. The world as a whole doesn't trade with the moon," said Philip Whyte of the CER, on other countries' resentment as Germany dictates austerity measures that its own robust economy does not require.

  • The Age, 12 November 2011

    The Greek economy is in free fall, having contracted 15 per cent under existing austerity measures, said Simon Tilford, chief economist with the CER in London. ... ''Its economy is three times as big as the Irish, Greek and Portuguese economies put together,'' said Mr Tilford.

  • The Telegraph, 12 November 2011

    As Simon Tilford and Philip Whyte put it last week in an essay for the CER: "A familiar pattern has now set in. Under market duress, leaders hold an emergency summit and announce an agreement designed to restore confidence once and for all."

  • Sydney Morning Herald, 12 November 2011

    "The Greek economy is in free fall, having contracted 15 per cent under existing austerity measures", says Simon Tilford, the chief economist with the CER in London.

  • The Economist, 11 November 2011

    "Public opinion is a new actor in the EU," says Charles Grant, director of the CER. "It limits what technocrats can do."

  • The New York Times, 11 November 2011

    "The slowdown in economic activity is compounding investors' concerns about debt sustainability," said Simon Tilford, chief economist at the CER in London. "In the south of Europe we have very high borrowing costs and no economic growth. That's a lethal combination."   

  • Reuters, 11 November 2011

    "On current policy trends, a wave of sovereign defaults and bank failures are unavoidable. Much of the currency union faces depression and deflation," write Simon Tilford and Philip Whyte in a new paper for the CER think-tank. ...

  • Public Service Europe, 10 November 2011

    But simply creating stricter rules to enforce discipline will not solve the problem, a new study by analysts at the CER claims.

  • Edmonton Journal, 09 November 2011

    "We have come to the end of a unique period of political and economic consensus," Hugo Brady of the CER told AFP. ... "Where do we go if we don't save the euro? Will we want further European integration?

  • The Prague Post, 09 November 2011

    "Households are not spending, firms are not spending, and governments are making cuts," said Simon Tilford, chief economist at the CER in London. "There is no doubt that fiscal austerity is exacerbating economic weakness." ...