Press quotes

  • Voice of America, 03 April 2012

    John Springford of the CER, says the nature of Spain's labour market, with a large chunk of workers on precarious, short-term contracts, compounds the country's problems. "It is looking extremely bleak. The eurozone is projecting that we are going to see a downturn of about 2.2 per cent in Spain."

  • Reuters, 02 April 2012

    In an article written for the CER, John Springford lays the problem out clearly. In EU countries where rates of unemployment are high levels of participation in higher education and vocational studies is approximately 40 per cent.

  • La Vanguardia, 01 April 2012

    "Investors are gradually concluding that Spain is not on the verge of a soft recession but a real crash" notes Simon Tilford, chief economist of the CER. "Spain is being asked to do the impossible, something no other comparable country has ever managed.

  • La Vanguardia, 01 April 2012

    Simon Tilford, chief economist at the CER, says "There is risk that many of the good things that occurred in Spain in the run-up to the crisis are now being overlooked, much as in the case of Ireland, whose pre-crisis growth story is now portrayed as now more than a property bubble".

  • Voice of America, 30 March 2012

    Simon Tilford is chief economist at the CER. He says Europe's reaction to its economic crisis is not working. What is needed, he says, is a federalized system where resources cross borders more freely.

  • Voice of America, 29 March 2012

    Simon Tilford, chief economist at the CER in London, said austerity measures in Spain, like elsewhere, will not solve its economic problems. "What's worrying about what we are seeing is that very little seems to have been learned from what happened in Greece and Ireland and Portugal," he said.

  • BBC Newsnight, 28 March 2012

    Simon Tilford of the CER argued that the proposed amendments to the EU’s working time directive are unnecessary, but that their impact on UK businesses will be limited and the British government should reserve its firepower for more important issues.

  • The Wall Street Journal, 22 March 2012

    According to Simon Tilford, chief economist at the CER, the ratio of investment to gross domestic product in Europe is at a 60-year low even as companies pile on cash. Corporate cash holdings are now €2 trillion ($2.64 trillion) across the eurozone and an extraordinary £750 billion ($1.19 trillion) in the UK.

  • The Guardian, 22 March 2012

    "There's a real risk that the Spanish economy will get caught in a downward spiral and need a bailout," said Simon Tilford, chief economist at the CER.

  • European Voice, 15 March 2012

    Charles Grant, the director of the CER, a think-tank, could hardly have timed better his pamphlet on "Russia, China and global governance", published at the end of last month.