Press quotes

  • The Telegraph, 20 November 2011

    Philip Whyte and Simon Tilford argue in a paper for the CER that "the eurozone crisis is as much a tale of excess bank leverage and poor risk management in the core as of excess consumption and wasteful investment in the periphery."

  • El Pais, 20 November 2011

    "Los alemanes, con frecuencia, no aprecian lo suficiente cuán desgarradores son los cambios económicos que ellos recetan", dijo Philip Whyte, uno de los principales investigadores del CER, con sede en Londres.

  • Channel 4 News, 18 November 2011

    Philip Whyte, senior research fellow at the pro-European CER told Channel 4 News: "The ECB has engaged in government bond purchasing, but has signalled its reluctance to do so. The financial markets have never believed the ECB is behind this."

  • Financial Times, 17 November 2011

    Simon Tilford, chief economist at the CER, belives that Germany is becoming increasing isolated. "The French government, shaken by the rise in its borrowing costs, is becoming more openly critical of Germany’s refusal to support more concerted ECB action to stabilise the markets.

  • Reuters, 17 November 2011

    In a pamphlet [Why stricter rules threaten the eurozone] released last week, the CER, a think tank in London, advocated an inflation target of 3 percent with inflation allowed to deviate by 1 percentage point in each direction.

  • United Press International, 17 November 2011

    "The Germans have been able to rely on the French, the Dutch and the Austrians. But if they get dragged into this and their borrowing costs continue to rise, that could influence whether they continue to back Germany and the line taken on the eurozone crisis," said chief economist Simon Tilford at the CER.

  • Financial Times, 17 November 2011

    As Charles Grant of the CER puts it: "The risk is that Cameron will start making impossible demands. If pushed too far, Germany will go for a completely new treaty outside the EU framework. That will trigger a real crisis in the relationship."

  • The Times, 17 November 2011

    "He is rattled. France is being dragged into this crisis," said Simon Tilfordof the CER. Britain is a source of particular irritation, he suggests, because Mr Cameron and George Osborne are saying in public what the French only say in private.

  • National Public Radio, 16 November 2011

    "Even economies that do not have the fiscal problems of some of the other eurozone economies are considered a risk, [they] are being shunned," says Simon Tilford, chief economist of the CER in London.

  • The New York Times, 16 November 2011

    But, said Mr Tilford, the eurozone "is going to crack unless ECB enters the picture soon." If the central bank really starts carrying out the lender of last resort function, then the crisis can still be reined in, he and others said.