Press quotes

  • The Economist, 14 April 2012

    "The underlying issue is raising productivity in services and increasing wages in line with that," says Simon Tilford of the Centre for European Reform.


  • Handelsblatt, 13 April 2012

    Simon Tilford, chief economist at the CER argues against IMF help for the eurozone - a wealthy creditor region that refuses to address its institutional contradictions is not a deserving case.

  • CNBC, 13 April 2012

    "Clearly I am very worried because the movement towards European co-operation or integration seems to have stalled at the moment and the aftermath of the euro crisis is going to make the movement towards disintegration more powerful," Stephen Tindale of the CER in London told CNBC.

  • Money Marketing, 12 April 2012

    CER economics research fellow John Springford says: "I would not be surprised if it took 18 months before the three European institutions enter talks to come up with a final text."

  • Financial Times, 11 April 2012

    "For the first time in the history of the European Union, Germany is the unquestioned leader and France is number two," wrote Charles Grant, director of  the CER, at the height of the crisis.

  • Reuters, 10 April 2012

    Tomas Valasek of the CER think-tank in London, said there was some "one-upmanship" among EU countries when it came to Myanmar. "Assuming Myanmar continues to develop, everybody in Europe wants to be seen as the one that broke the ice with the country," he said.

  • Gulf News, 09 April 2012

    In the view of Charles Grant, of the CER, Putin holds "a less benign view of the United States". Writing an op-ed recently in The New York Times, Grant said that Putin "sees US hegemony as a bigger problem than the rise of Chinese power."

  • Financial Times, 08 April 2012

    I am currently in Washington, DC. I packed two books to read on the flight over: "Russia, China and Global Governance" by Charles Grant (actually a long think-tank pamphlet, published by the Centre for European Reform) and “Every Nation For Itself, Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World” by Ian Bremmer.

  • Voice of America, 03 April 2012

    John Springford of the CER, says the nature of Spain's labour market, with a large chunk of workers on precarious, short-term contracts, compounds the country's problems. "It is looking extremely bleak. The eurozone is projecting that we are going to see a downturn of about 2.2 per cent in Spain."

  • Reuters, 02 April 2012

    In an article written for the CER, John Springford lays the problem out clearly. In EU countries where rates of unemployment are high levels of participation in higher education and vocational studies is approximately 40 per cent.