Press quotes

  • Channel 4 News, 22 November 2012

    Katinka Barysch speaks on a Channel 4 News panel discussing what would happen if the UK decided to leave the European Union (at 02.30).

  • Nieuwsuur, 22 November 2012

    Philip Whyte speaks on Dutch television on the UK and Europe (at 04.57).

  • Le Monde, 21 November 2012

    M. Pritchard recense douze députés conservateurs qui ont publiquement appelé à une sortie de l'Union. "Et cinquante à soixante nous soutiennent anonymement", précise-t-il. Un chiffre que Charles Grant du CER, estime même sous-estimé: lui compte entre soixante-dix et cent députés prêts à faire le grand saut.

  • BBC News, 21 November 2012

    Charles Grant speaks to Gavin Hewitt about the EU budget negotiations in Brussels (at 25.06).

  • Agence France Presse, 19 November 2012

    Philip Whyte, from the CER, agrees that the British "never really signed up to the political dimension of the EU, the stuff about developing the foreign policy dimension or the single currency".

  • Marketplace, 19 November 2012

    A veto, says Simon Tilford, chief economist at the CER, will raise serious questions about Britain's EU membership. "It will be another indication that the country really does seem intent on distancing it self from the EU and perhaps even withdrawing from the union," Tilford says.

  • The Economist, 17 November 2012

    Charles Grant of the CER believes that he [Mr Hollande] is trying to strengthen his position relative to Germany in three ways. One is to forge stronger links with Mediterranean countries, especially Italy and Spain, to form a block that could help to counter Mrs Merkel.

  • BBC News, 16 November 2012

    Which country holds the key to the euro's fate? Which of the 17 members will turn out to be the "pivot state" - the country around which the future of the eurozone will turn? I spent most of last weekend thinking about the future of Europe with economists, politicians and senior policy makers at a two-day seminar organised by the CER.

  • EurActiv, 15 November 2012

    EurActiv’s UK40, released today shows that officials and politicians relatively unfamiliar to a British audience top the lists of those who pull the policy strings on EU affairs. Politicians and officials did not wholly dominate the list, which also included Charles Grant (32nd) the director of the CER.

  • The Voice of Russia, 09 November 2012

    This week the European Commission has published a new economic forecast for the eurozone countries up to the year 2014. This is discussed with our guest speakers Simon Tilford, chief economist at the CER and Frederik Erixon.