Press quotes

  • The Guardian, 14 May 2012

    Speaking at a Centre for European Reform seminar in London, Mandelson also praised as prescient a speech by Balls in 2010 in which he set himself up as an early opponent of the coalition's government's deficit reduction policy.

  • Financial Times, 14 May 2012

    Lord Mandelson also joined Mr Balls on the platform of a Centre for European Reform event and praised the shadow chancellor for his "prescient" speech two years ago at Bloomberg in which he warned of the dangers of sucking demand out of the economy as a storm approached.

  • The Guardian, 14 May 2012

    "France has much less clout in the EU than Germany. The financial crisis and the euro crisis have highlighted the vulnerabilities of the French economy: its waning competitiveness," wrote Charles Grant, director of the CER. ... "Can Hollande really make a difference? He might ...

  • CNBC, 14 May 2012

    "If Greece moves towards exiting the euro ... the EU would then need to enlarge its bailout funds and prepare other emergency measures," said Charles Grant, director of the CER. ... "They should tell the Greeks that if they wish to stay in the euro they cannot avoid austerity and structural reform ...

  • BBC News, 14 May 2012

    Simon Tilford talks about the impact of Greece leaving the eurozone on the news at 10. Watch at 6.23.

  • Financial Times, 14 May 2012

    Although Labour has never ruled out a plebiscite, Mr Balls's comments at a Centre for European Reform debate surprised senior colleagues who had agreed not to speculate on the subject. Mr Balls said there were questions about "whether there could be a case for there being a referendum more widely on Britain's relationship with Europe as a new settlement evolves".

  • Financial Times, 13 May 2012

    On Monday when Lord Mandelson appears alongside his one-time political foe Ed Balls, shadow chancellor, at a CER event. Both men are expected to share a common critique that David Cameron has left Britain marginalised in Europe and that he should be helping to forge a growth strategy at an EU level.

  • Financial Times, 10 May 2012

    "Through Ukraine's dependence on Russian gas, Moscow always has this weapon to bring Kiev to heel if it, say, tries to move closer to Europe," said Katinka Barysch, deputy director of the CER. "If that stranglehold no longer existed, Ukraine would have more freedom to choose its own path."

  • Financial Times, 08 May 2012

    "The Lisbon treaty has triggered a huge degree of turf warfare between the European Commission and the External Action Service," says Thomas Valasek of the CER.

  • LA Times, 07 May 2012

    "Hollande makes an awful lot of sense when he talks about the need for less austere, less restrictive fiscal policies, but his credibility is much undermined when he talks about reversing the increases in the retirement age or increasing the minimal wage by a huge amount," said Simon Tilford, of the CER.