Opinion pieces

  • The Times, 31 May 2014

    There are three years to go before a possible referendum on Europe, and already it’s impossible to know what to think

  • Le Temps, 14 May 2014

    Stephen Tindale, membre du Centre for European Reform basé à Londres, un think tank pro-européen mais critique, donne des pistes pour redonner du souffle au projet européen, miné par la crise et la perte de confiance

  • The Economist Intelligence Unit, 14 May 2014

    All clean energy sources are needed to limit global warming, argues Stephen Tindale, associate fellow at the Centre for European Reform.

  • Environmental Health News, 07 May 2014

    Polls predicts fervently anti-EU parties, such as the UK Independence Party, will make significant inroads in this month's European elections. And if David Cameron wins the next general election, he has pledged to hold an in/out referendum on the EU. However Stephen Tindale, associate fellow at the Centre for European Reform, argues indepdence would put at risk all the environmental and health benefits that flow from EU membership.

  • New Statesman, 30 April 2014

    Most Belarusians have a somewhat weaker sense of identity than Ukrainians but they feel Belarusian rather than Russian.

  • Was bringt QE in Europa?, by Mark Schieritz
    Die Zeit, 30 April 2014

    Ich habe hier die These vertreten, dass die EZB keine unkonventionellen Maßnahmen beschließen wird. Was aber, wenn doch? Christian Odendahl vom CER hat sich angeschaut, was Quantitative Easing für die Euro-Zone bedeuten würde. Ergebnis: Nicht allzu viel.

  • l'Unità, 26 April 2014

    «L’uscita della Gran Bretagna dall’Ue non è inevitabile», sostiene Charles Grant, fondatore e direttore del think tank britannico Cer (Centre for European Reform) ed ex inviato a Bruxelles dell’Economist. Gli europeisti nel Regno Unito ci sono e nell’eventualità di un referendum si faranno sentire.

  • Carnegie Europe, 16 April 2014

    Every week a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.