• The EU and the fight against organised crime
    Working paper by Hugo Brady
    06 April 2007

    The EU needs to tackle a new threat: international organised crime. Europe's criminal underworld is taking advantage of new opportunities to commit crime that come with the increasing mobility of people, goods and services across national boundaries.

  • Bulletin issue 53
    30 March 2007
  • The view from 2027
    Briefing note by Charles Grant
    22 March 2007

    Given how much respect and esteem most Europeans feel for the EU today, one can easily forget that when it celebrated its 50th birthday, in 2007, it was widely disliked and mistrusted.

  • In defence of missile defences?
    Insight by Tomas Valasek
    14 March 2007

    For those spoiling for another good transatlantic fight, the headlines from last week’s EU summit must have come as manna from heaven.

  • What is wrong with Lisbon?
    Insight by Aurore Wanlin
    09 March 2007

    The Lisbon agenda embodies a paradox. Progress made by the member-states has been slow and patchy. The German presidency in the first half of 2007 is playing down Lisbon, fearing that the process has been discredited by the EU’s failure to meet its targets.

  • The future of the single market
    Insight by Katinka Barysch
    02 March 2007

    The EU puts out a lot of reports, studies, evaluations and announcements. So far this month, the Commission has released around 80 major documents. Many of them are too specialised, too long or simply too dull to attract wider interest.

  • What's happening to Airbus?
    Insight by Simon Tilford
    23 February 2007

    Top of the agenda when Jacques Chirac meets Angela Merkel today in Berlin will be the crisis at Airbus. The European aircraft manufacturer has been forced to suspend a restructuring programme following inferference from both the French and German governments.

  • We need a new pro-Europeanism thumbnail
    Insight by Hugo Brady
    09 February 2007

    “We are not the first who meaning the best have incurred the worst”, is a line from tragic heroine Cordelia in Shakespeare’s King Lear. But it could apply equally well to the architects of the EU’s failed constitutional treaty, also a tragic but unfinished saga.