• Insight by Stephen Tindale, 10 April 2014

    Europe should improve energy efficiency, develop all alternative gas sources, and expand renewable, CCS and nuclear energy. The foreign policy advantages would justify the cost.

  • Opinion piece by Stephen Tindale
    Ecologist, 08 April 2014

    The UK should continue to use nuclear power, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, writes Stephen Tindale. It should also test new nuclear technologies that can burn plutonium, such as the PRISM reactor, and develop molten salt reactors.I don't expect many Ecologist readers to agree with this, so am grateful to the editor for the chance to put my case.

  • Opinion piece by Stephen Tindale
    Fabian Society, 03 April 2014

    The smog in much of the UK at present is not as visible as the infamous 1950s smogs, and may not be quite as dangerous. But it is not safe. The 50s smogs were vanquished by a Conservative government banning coal burning in homes and moving coal power stations away from towns and cities. But the relentless growth in road transport has brought dirty air back into British life.

  • Opinion piece by Stephen Tindale
    Green Alliance, 25 February 2014

    In the 20th century, the British political party which supported the coal industry was Labour. The relationship between the Tories and the miners was confrontational.

  • Opinion piece by Stephen Tindale
    14 February 2014

    The Centre for European Reform is a think-tank based in London, working on economics, foreign policy, energy and JHA. We are pro-European, though not uncritical.

  • Report by Charles Grant, 10 February 2014

    Charles Grant discusses the challenges facing the EU in 2014, such as the European elections, Britain's slide towards the exit and the continuing travails of the eurozone.

  • Insight by Stephen Tindale, 17 January 2014

    The EU should set ambitious 2030 targets for carbon reduction and renewables. And it should adopt strong binding measures on energy efficiency.

  • Insight by Rem Korteweg, 13 January 2014

    Cyprus must find a way to export its natural gas. A grand bargain with Israel and Turkey would improve politics in the region and benefit Europe.