• Opinion piece by Charles Grant
    Europe's world, 01 September 2010

    The euro crisis will be with us for many years. The underlying causes, such as southern Europe's lack of competitiveness, cannot be remedied overnight; Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain face years of low growth, severe curbs on public spending and perhaps social unrest.

  • Opinion piece by
    The Wall Street Journal, 26 August 2010

    Critics of the euro zone have long claimed that it suffers from structural flaws that threaten its long-term survival. The Greek sovereign-debt crisis has done much to vindicate these misgivings.

  • Bulletin article by Philip Whyte, 02 August 2010

    In the 1970's, a group of young professionals in Washington formed a baby-sitting co-operative. The way it worked was simple. Couples who wanted an evening out could call on other parents to look after their children.

  • Briefing note by Katinka Barysch, 28 June 2010

    Germany agreed to support its eurozone partners only slowly and reluctantly. Domestic political constraints and Angela Merkel's caution were partly to blame.

  • Opinion piece by Simon Tilford
    NRC Handelsblad, 14 June 2010

    Het Duitse besluit om sterk te gaan bezuinigingen is volkomen verkeerd. De Duitsers moeten juist gaan consumeren, betoogt Simon Tilford.

  • Insight by Simon Tilford, 14 June 2010

    Almost every member of the eurozone is rushing to slash public spending. While there is no doubting the scale of the fiscal challenge, the eurozone economy is not strong enough to cope with the contractionary effects of a generalised budgetary tightening.

  • Insight by Philip Whyte, 04 June 2010

    The collapse of market confidence sparked by the parlous state of Greece’s public finances is forcing the EU to review how the eurozone is run. This is entirely welcome.

  • Bulletin article by Simon Tilford, 01 June 2010

    Europe faces a critical choice between greater integration or disintegration. The gap between the rhetoric of a united Europe and the reality of national interests and politics has always dogged the EU.