• Opinion piece by
    E!Sharp, 04 February 2013

    David Cameron wants the EU to re-double its efforts to boost economic growth, tackle climate change and fight terrorism and organised crime. That would make the Union more the kind of club that Britain wants to stay in, according to his Bloomberg speech in January.

  • Insight by Hugo Brady, 24 June 2010

    EU policies on policing, justice and immigration were widely expected to take a big leap forward after the ratification of the Lisbon treaty.

  • Bulletin article by Hugo Brady, 01 April 2010

    Despite its narrowing lead in the opinion polls, the Conservative Party is still likely to form or lead the government after Britain’s general election in May.

  • Essay by Hugo Brady, 01 July 2009

    Many European countries feel threatened by terrorist plots against civilians and infrastructure. European governments have strengthened their efforts to co-operate on counter-terrorism over the past decade.

  • Insight by , 28 March 2008

    EU interior ministers are racing to finish a raft of new legislation on terrorism, crime and illegal immigration by the end of the year. One reason for their sudden sense of urgency is politics.

  • Insight by , 07 December 2007

    Governments increasingly use Europol, the EU’s police office, and Eurojust - its prosecution unit - to investigate criminals operating across borders and bring them to justice.

  • Insight by , 09 January 2007

    The British Conservative party kicked off the New Year saying they wanted to sign Britain up to a 2005 European convention that grants rights to the victims of human trafficking.

  • Opinion piece by
    E!Sharp, 07 July 2006

    Open borders and new technologies have turned Europe into a land of opportunity for criminal gangs. Hugo Brady of the Centre for European Reform asks whether the EU is up to the challenge.