• Insight by Hugo Brady, 30 April 2012

    President Sarkozy is using the EU's Schengen area as a political football. But French concerns over passport-free travel in Europe will persist after the elections.

  • Report by Hugo Brady, 20 January 2012

    Schengen countries must decide when Bulgaria and Romania should join, whether Greece should leave and how to work more closely with Turkey on border control.

  • Opinion piece by Hugo Brady
    E!Sharp, 19 December 2011

    Europe's leaders are - understandably - focused on the euro crisis, pretty much to the exclusion of all else. But policy-makers should beware another calamity in 2012: a possible breakdown of the EU's Schengen zone of passport-free travel. Undoubtedly, these two troubled flagships of European integration share parallels.

  • Essay by Charles Clarke, 01 December 2011

    All across the EU, voters are worried about immigration. Charles Clarke outlines the steps needed at EU level if governments are to tackle migration issues effectively.

  • Essay by Michael Emerson, 28 July 2011

    Travellers to the Schengen area – the EU's passport-free travel zone – can move freely between most EU countries but need separate visas for Britain and Ireland, which maintain their own border controls.

  • Bulletin article by Hugo Brady, 01 June 2011

    The EU's least understood institution is its Court of Justice, which is seated in a stockade-like building in Luxembourg. For over half a century, judges there have quietly adjudicated, mainly between European governments, institutions and businesses.

  • Opinion piece by Hugo Brady
    European Voice, 01 June 2011

    A European Migration Organisation would help the EU develop clearer responses to migration. EU leaders will discuss reform of the Schengen area at their summit next week (23-24 June).

  • Insight by Hugo Brady, 17 February 2011

    The freedom enjoyed by EU citizens to live and work in each others' countries is a unique liberty. It is the basis around which European governments have tried to build a single border, a compensatory system of co-operation between police, judges and immigration officers and a common refugee policy.