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„May ist ein Desaster”

10 October 2018
Das Endspiel hat begonnen: Brexit-Experte Charles Grant über den Niedergang der politischen Klasse in England, das Trauerspiel der Premierministerin – und das Vorbild Schweiz.

Remainers shouldn't assume EU leaders will welcome another Brexit referendum

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, Beth Oppenheim
08 October 2018
The Telegraph
Prime Minister Theresa May has yet again ruled out a new EU referendum. There has already been a people’s vote, and the people voted to leave, she told her party conference last week.

New approaches to upholding democratic values in Poland

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
05 October 2018
Carnegie Europe
For almost three years, Poland has backtracked on the rule of law. The EU needs a comprehensive strategy to make the Polish public more resilient to the government’s populist narrative.

SIEPS: Brexit – state of play

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
05 October 2018
As the date for the United Kingdom formally leaving the European Union approaches, negotiations are at a critical stage. There is urgency on both sides to agree on the conditions for the UK leaving the union, as well as on the nature of the future relationship between the two.

La muger que nunca ganaba a las damas

04 October 2018
El Periodico Internacional
Como una buena reina del baile, Theresa May va a necesitar la creatividad de un buen jugador de ajedrez para cuadrar el círculo irlandés.

Britain's best Brexit hope is a revised Chequers plan

03 October 2018
The Financial Times
A Brexit deal between the EU and the UK is more likely than not, because both sides really want one. But there is a serious chance of no deal, because of differences over the Irish “backstop”.

Weetabix wars and X-Men: Welcome to the wacky world of trade post-Brexit

Sam Lowe
03 October 2018
The New Statesman
As a UK that goes it alone will soon learn, trade disputes are complex, bizarre and at times, well, a little petty.

There’s nothing ‘super’ about Boris Johnson’s tired old Brexit ideas

Sam Lowe
28 September 2018
The Guardian
If Boris Johnson puts pen to paper and it doesn’t get on the front page of the Telegraph, did it really happen? I guess we’ll never know.

CER Bulletin podcast: Singapore-on-Thames; the Western Balkans; Italy

28 September 2018
In the CER Bulletin podcast, CER researchers brief podcast listeners on three of the most important topics for Europe this month. 

Jacob Rees-Mogg and fellow Brexiteers' latest trade proposals, fact-checked

Sam Lowe
24 September 2018
The past weeks have seen the publication of a stream of reports making the case for a harder Brexit.

Brexit: «Wir werden noch zehn Jahre verhandeln»

21 September 2018
Aargauer Zeitung
Charles Grant, Direktor der britischen Denkfabrik «Centre for European Reform», spricht im Interview über die Starrsinnigkeit Brüsseler Juristen, den weiteren Verlauf des Brexits und die Chancen von Boris Johnson als Premierminister.

The Bavaria election results show that Merkel's liberal, centrist approach is appealing to German voters

15 September 2018
The Independent
The political landscape in Germany, as in other European countries, is becoming more fragmented as the catch-all parties that have dominated politics for decades decline.

BBC Victoria Derbyshire: Russia poisoning investigation

14 September 2018
Ian Bond, director of foreign policy a the Centre for European Reform, spoke on the Victoria Derbyshire show about the enormous amount of propaganda in Russia. “One of the aims of this [interview] is to cause a certain amount of confusion,” Ian said.

Monocle podcast: The Globalist - Whispers of a comeback

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
13 September 2018
Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska a senior research felow at the Centre for European Reform spoke to the Monocle about Junckers' State of Union address and Hungary (from 02:55 mins).

Theresa May's Chequers plan may yet have some life in it

12 September 2018
Theresa May’s Chequers plan for the future UK-EU relationship appears moribund.

CER podcast: Another referendum?

Sophia Besch, Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, Beth Oppenheim
12 September 2018
Sophia Besch asks Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska and Beth Oppenheim about the prospects for another Brexit referendum.

Sky News: Brexit warning

Sam Lowe
11 September 2018
Sam Lowe tells Sky News that the latest Brexit paper published on September 11th  by the Economists for Free Trade group is "embarrassing" and "full of contradictions."

Debunking the paper championed by Jacob Rees Mogg claiming a no-deal Brexit would boost the economy

Sam Lowe
11 September 2018
The Brexit debate deserves so much better than Economists for Free Trade’s latest offering.

Brexit and defence negotiations

10 September 2018
Atlantic Community
In the enthusiasm about the EU’s numerous new defence initiatives in Germany, a discussion of the consequences of Britain’s withdrawal from the union is often curiously absent.

BBC Radio Wiltshire: Salisbury poisoning - Russian nationals suspects

06 September 2018
Ian Bond, director of foreign policy at the Centre for European Reform speaks to Ben Prater on BBC Radio Wilsthsire about the Salisbury Novichok poisoning and the news that Russian nationals have been named as suspects (from 1:05 mins).