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Le trappole del Energy Bill varato dal governo britannico

Stephen Tindale
17 December 2012
Il governo britannico ha pubblicato il nuovo Energy Bill. Il piano energetico deve ancora sottostare all’approvazione del Parlamento per cui è probabile che questa non sia la versione definitiva.

The genius of Merkel - Germans love her, Europe loathes her. Why?

Katinka Barysch
12 December 2012
Greek newspapers like to portray German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Nazi uniform. The Italian daily Libero has greeted her with a rude Vaffanmerkel! on its cover.

Brytyjski ekspert: Cameron w sprawie budżetu Unii postawi na swoim

23 November 2012
Gazeta Wyborcza
Brytyjski premier nie jest sam. Oszczędności chce Szwecja, Holandia i, co najważniejsze, Niemcy - mówi John Springford, analityk brytyjskiego think tanku Centre for European Reform

Viewpoints: How experts see UK role in EU

22 November 2012
BBC News
How does the UK fit into the EU's plans for closer economic and political integration?
Many British MPs want Prime Minister David Cameron to call an "in or out" referendum and opinion polls suggest many British voters are disillusioned with the EU.
BBC News asked some prominent European politicians...

Meerderheid Britten wil uit de EU

21 November 2012
Aan de vooravond van alweer een belangrijke Europese topbijeenkomst is Charles Grant in Brussel. De directeur van het Britse Centre for European Reform heeft het bijzonder druk dezer dagen.

Can Angela Merkel talk Cameron into being a more flexible ally?

Katinka Barysch
07 November 2012
The Guardian
The vexed EU budget is supposed to be the main topic of discussion when Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel, meets David Cameron for supper on Wednesday in Downing Street.

London to Germany: Now save the euro

Katinka Barysch
31 October 2012
The Globalist
Plenty of policy makers and analysts in the United States and the United Kingdom think Germany is destroying the euro. The Germans think they are saving it. Clearly, they both can't be right.

A three-tier EU puts single market at risk

25 October 2012
Financial Times
The euro crisis is changing the shape of the EU. As the countries in the eurozone seek to strengthen it by centralising economic policy making, three tiers are emerging within the union.

Power struggle: Is Germany's constitution the real bar to the euro rescue?

Katinka Barysch
17 October 2012
12th September 2012, 10am in Germany. Bond traders in London and Frankfurt are staring at their screens. Once again, the fate of the eurozone seems to be hanging in the balance.
In the sleepy west German town of Karlsruhe, eight red-robed judges take a seat in front of pale wood panelling....

Hollande, los Alemanes y la union politica

16 October 2012
Foreign Policy - En espanol
Antes de convertirse en presidente de Francia, François Hollande no parecía estar muy interesado en la UE. Sin embargo, en su juventud fue un protegido de Jacques Delors, el gran europeo de la izquierda francesa, y su instinto es, en términos generales, europeísta. La llegada de Hollande al Elíseo no...

Après Merkozy

03 October 2012
The International Herald Tribune
Before becoming president of France, François Hollande did not appear to take much interest in the European Union.

What now after 'seismic shift'?

01 July 2012
The Sunday Business Post
The prospect of an agreement to ease Ireland's debt burden has been boosted by the EU bank deal, but a lot of things still have to go right, writes Hugo Brady of the Centre for European Reform.

Cameron's next European 'faux-pas'

26 June 2012
Britain is now mulling an important decision which, despite being fiddly and legalistic, has profound implications for its own security and for Europe.

O efeito dominó que ameaça a Espanha e a zona do euro

19 June 2012
Carta Maior
Em entrevista à Carta Maior, Simon Tilford, economista chefe do Centre for European Reform, defende a necessidade de uma massiva injeção fiscal na eurozona, sem a qual a Espanha terá que pedir um resgate este ano.

Germans, the euro and the painful truth

12 June 2012
International Herald Tribune
Will the Germans save the euro? Many people within the European Union and further afield are urging Berlin to take bold steps to secure the currency’s future. They have become frustrated by the Germans' apparent inaction. 
But the view of German policy makers — conveyed to me on a recent visit...

Why closing the Irish embassy in Tehran is a mistake

Edward Burke
24 April 2012
The recent furore over the closure of closure of the Irish Embassy to the Vatican drowned out any discussion over the withdrawal of other embassies, including that in Tehran last month. Almost unnoticed, Iran has been lumped in with Timor Leste as one of two other Irish diplomatic missions that...

Is Britain on the way out of Europe?

20 April 2012
Social Europe Journal
Ever since they joined the EU in 1973, the British have been sceptical about political integration in Europe. They have valued the economic benefits of membership, notably the single market, but opposed the concept of ‘political union’. The eurozone crisis is now increasing the gap between Britain and much of...

One flew over the EU's mess

19 March 2012
The Wall Street Journal
Welcome to the European Union Home for the Economically Insane. We care for nations dealing with status anxiety, paranoia and low self-esteem, or those who are simply drifting into a senile old age. Please follow me on the guided tour.
Upstairs we have the Acropolis Room. This is where...

How to wake Britain from sleepwalking to the EU exit

07 March 2012
Europe's world
History, geography and economics are all responsible for the UK’s deep-seated euroscepticism, says Charles Grant. But now these forces are strengthening so that Britain could easily leave the Union within 10 years. He sets out tactics for countering that.

Nothing to celebrate

04 January 2012
Foreign Policy
Think 2011 was a bad year for Europe? 2012 could be a whole lot worse - if EU leaders don't get serious and deal with these 6 problems.

Welcome to the new year. In Europe, it doesn't look particularly promising. Even in the most optimistic scenarios for the...