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David Camerons EU Reformen – ein Balanceakt für Großbritannien und die Europäische Union

18 December 2015
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik (ÖGfE)
Im November 2015 hat die britische Regierung einen lange erwarteten Brief von David Cameron an Donald Tusk, den Präsident des Europäischen Rats, veröffentlicht.

Twelve things you need to know about Brexit

10 December 2015
What would really happen if Britain left the European Union?

The policy failures masked by scapegoating migrants

09 December 2015
Financial Times
By focusing on ‘welfare tourism’, the government has deflected criticism of its policies, writes Simon Tilford.

Tok FM: Odcinek audycji 'Połączenie'

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
10 November 2015
UE według Davida Camerona. Rozmawiają Agata Gostyńska i Jakub Janiszewski

What does the parliamentary election in Poland mean for David Cameron and his reform plans?

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
03 November 2015
UK in a changing Europe
On 25 October, Poles ousted the centre-right coalition government of Civic Platform and the Polish Peasant Party that had been in power for eight years. Law and Justice, which won the electoral race, share many of the concerns of the British government about the current balance of power between member-states and EU institutions.

LBC Radio: Cameron's EU renegotiations

03 November 2015
Ian Bond speaks to LBC radio on David Cameron's EU renegotiations.

Londyn nie zastąpi Berlina

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
26 October 2015
Nowy polski rząd będzie twardo bronił praw socjalnych polskich imigrantów w Wielkiej Brytanii – uważa ekspertka Agata Gostyńska z Center for European Reform (CER) w Londynie.

Letters: Britain’s future depends on relations with countries outside the eurozone

18 October 2015
The Telegraph
Jaw-jaw, not war-warSIR – Britain is lucky to have the thoroughly professional Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to analyse threats to security and work with partners in tackling them.Thus the FCO recently played an exemplary role in the successful diplomacy that has curbed Iran’s nuclear programme.

Q: With Europe at the top of the Tory party conference agenda, is Cameron's EU renegotiation doomed to fail?

05 October 2015
City A.M
Simon Tilford is deputy director of the Centre for European Reform, says No. 

Britain can't be Norway, and Eurosceptics know this

29 September 2015
The Telegraph
Norway's relationship with the EU is being pushed as an alternative for Britain, but outers know it wouldn't work

A troubled euro needs a softer Germany

25 September 2015
The World Today: Chatham House
For those of us who think that the European Union is a good idea, the euro’s travails in recent years have been very trying. We had long assumed that the euro would encourage trade and investment across frontiers, thereby deepening the single market and boosting competition.

Vijf mythes over het Britse referendum

Rem Korteweg
07 September 2015
Internationale Spectator
De Britse premier David Cameron onderhandelt de komende maanden over het Britse EU-lidmaatschap. Medio volgend jaar volgt het EU-referendum. Nederland heeft belang bij het VK in de EU, maar Den Haag kan het proces maar beperkt beïnvloeden. Wat valt er te verwachten?

Judy Asks: Is this Europe's time for political union?

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
02 September 2015
Carnegie Europe
There is no better time for a debate about political union than in the midst of a crisis. European crises reveal flaws in the way the EU works and provoke questions about whether the solution is more or less Europe.

Das griechische Schuldenlabyrinth

21 August 2015
Die Zeit
Die Schulden Griechenlands sind nicht tragfähig – einen echten Schuldenschnitt lehnt die Bundesregierung aber ab. Wie könnte ein möglicher Kompromiss aussehen?

Cameron's renegotiation plans: The view from Warsaw

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
13 August 2015
The Huffington Post
After ignoring Warsaw during his first term, David Cameron rushed to Poland immediately after his re-election in May, hoping to get the country on board his renegotiation package.

David Cameron should stand up to the eurozone

31 July 2015
Financial Times
Can Britain, a country that plans to keep its own currency, feel comfortable in an EU that is increasingly focused on the euro and its troubles? As David Cameron’s government starts negotiations with its partners on the terms...

BBC Newsnight: Migrant crisis

30 July 2015
Charles Grant discusses the current migrant crisis: watch it here (21:30) and why the UK is a favoured destination for migrants.

Britain’s Eurosceptic ground zero

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
21 July 2015
The House of Commons doesn't even take full advantage of the powers it already has.

Wake up, Westminster! Why MPs should pay more attention to the EU

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
17 July 2015
British Influence
In his famous Bloomberg speech of January 2013, offering British voters a referendum on EU membership, David Cameron promised to strengthen the role of national parliaments in the EU. But are British parliamentarians up to the task? The Commons’ limited interest in European business suggest not.
The British parliament has been...

Groundhog day for Europe: Why David Cameron needs to learn from his mistakes

Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska
15 July 2015
Ahead of the UK general election, opinion polls predicted that Britons would wake up on May 7th to a hung parliament. But for the first time since John Major’s defeat in 1997, Britain again finds itself governed by a Conservative majority government.