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Sky News: Post-Brexit talks between the UK and the European Union are still ongoing as deal has not yet been made

Sam Lowe
22 July 2020
“I don’t think we should rule out that there will be a trade agreement...we should take statements released with five months to go suggesting...talks have broken down with a pinch of salt", Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Refor tells Sky News.

BBC Newsnight: Frictonless borders in Ireland

Sam Lowe
14 July 2020
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the CER told Newsnight, "What we do know is that good exiting Great Britain and going to Northern Ireland there will be customs declarations for products of animal origin and inspections and document checks entering Northern Ireland"

CER podcast: Can the EU and the UK strike a deal on their future relationship?

Charles Grant, Sam Lowe
17 June 2020
Following Monday’s meeting between Boris Johnson and the three Presidents of the EU, has a deal between the EU and UK become more or less likely? Charles Grant and Sam Lowe discuss.

BBC PM: The future of trade deals

Sam Lowe
17 June 2020
Sam Low a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform spoke to BBC PM about the UK’s trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand and its proposed accession to the CPTPP (from 07.55 mins).

Don’t let UK-EU foreign policy co-operation be collateral damage of Brexit

Luigi Scazzieri, Leonard Schuette
17 June 2020
The Times
Six months has passed since Brexit, but there has been no significant progress in the negotiations to define the future UK-EU relationship.

Parliament Live: Future relationship with the European Union Committee

Sam Lowe
10 June 2020
Sam Lowe, Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for European Reform along with Professor Catherine Barnard, Professor of EU law and Employment Law, University of Cambridge and Dr Anna Jerzewska, PhD, Independent Customs and Trade Consultant UN International Trade Centre gave evidence on the progress of the negotiations on the UK’s future relationship with the EU. 

Parliament Live: International Trade Committee

Sam Lowe
10 June 2020
Sam Lowe, Senior Researcher, Centre for European Reform along with Professor David Collins, Professor of International Economic Law, City University and Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, Director, European Centre of International Political Economy (ECIPE) gave evidence on the UK trade negotiations.

A Japan-UK trade deal is more important than ever. Here are the key opportunities and tensions

Sam Lowe
09 June 2020
The Telegraph
Negotiations with the Japanese may be nowhere near as controversial as with the USA, but don't assume they'll be a walk in the park.

Onshoring is no panacea for EU medical supplies

Sam Lowe
08 June 2020
The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted weaknesses in Europe’s medical supply chains, particularly its reliance on imports from China and elsewhere.

Parliament Live: The future UK-EU relationship on professional and business services

Sam Lowe
04 June 2020
Sam Lowe, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform along with Sally Jones, Partner, Trade Strategy, EY LLP and Shanker Singham, Chief Executive Officer, Competere gave evidence on the UK-EU negotiations and future trade agreements.

CER podcast: A Hamilton moment?

22 May 2020
On 18th May, Merkel and Macron proposed a €500bn recovery fund for the EU. John Springford and Christian Odendahl discuss why it's needed, and whether reluctant countries will back it.

The EU recovery fund is a historic step, almost

21 May 2020
Financial Times
Frugal states may block needed transfers to the south but there is a way forward.

Let's not pretend the UK isn't after a special trade deal. In fact, it's good that it is

Sam Lowe
20 May 2020
The Telegraph
Given the EU's most significant economic relationship is with the UK, a trade deal should be ambitious - but compromise is still needed.

How coronavirus is reshaping Europe in dangerous ways

14 May 2020
The Guardian
From green backlash to reimposition of border controls, pandemic is accelerating tensions that could unravel the EU.

Why Keir Starmer must revamp Labour's trade strategy

Sam Lowe
28 April 2020
The world is facing a combination of US-China trade wars and new export restrictions on essential supplies thanks to Covid-19. Added to that the British government is in the process of Brexit.

Judy Asks: Should Europe have common debt?

23 April 2020
Carnegie Europe
How to deal with the economic costs of the coronavirus is dividing the eurozone countries once again.

CER podcast: What does COVID-19 mean for the EU-UK trade talks?

Charles Grant, Sam Lowe
22 April 2020
Charles Grant and Sam Lowe discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the EU-UK trade talks, and whether the pandemic will lead to the transition period being extended, taking into account the arguments for and against.

Coronavirus: EU struggling to show solidarity in face of ‘existential’ crisis

21 April 2020
The Parliament Magazine
The EU’s response to COVID-19 has given plenty of ammunition to its opponents. Frontiers have been closed and supply chains broken as countries have put their own needs first.

Here's how the UK should work with EU to combat coronavirus and end the lockdown

16 April 2020
The Telegraph
As the coronavirus pandemic continues its rampage around Europe, neither the British government nor the EU plans to extend the transition period.

Cómo debe la UE coordinar la salida del confinamiento

16 April 2020
El Pais
Los gobiernos europeos esperan que las ‘apps’ de rastreo de casos les permitan relajar el confinamiento.