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India and the EU: strategic partners?

India and the EU: strategic partners?

01 February 2006
Most EU governments take very little interest in India. That is likely to change. According to Goldman Sachs’ (admittedly speculative) research, over the next half century India will grow faster than any other large national economy.
Bulletin issue 46

Issue 46 - 2006

Charles Grant, Stephen Tindale, Carl Bildt
27 January 2006
Can EU diplomacy stop Iran's nuclear programme?

Can EU diplomacy stop Iran's nuclear programme?

Mark Leonard
04 November 2005
When Iran restarted its nuclear programme in August 2005, it seemed to obliterate two years of EU efforts to persuade Tehran not to build a nuclear bomb. However, Mark Leonard argues that the EU should persevere with diplomacy.
Fighting terrorism: The EU needs a strategy not a shopping list

Fighting terrorism: The EU needs a strategy not a shopping list

Hugo Brady, Daniel Keohane
11 October 2005
The fight against international terrorism is a key priority of Britain's EU presidency. Following the July London bombings, the British government is understandably keen to speed up European counter-terrorism efforts.
Can variable geometry save EU enlargement?

Can variable geometry save EU enlargement?

03 October 2005
All over Europe, politicians are becoming more hostile to further EU enlargement. One reason is that electorates in many countries oppose it. Another is that the EU’s ‘widening’ has always been closely linked to its ‘deepening’.
Russia, the EU and the common neighbourhood

Russia, the EU and the common neighbourhood

Dmitri Trenin
02 September 2005
Throughout the 1990s, Russia tended to underestimate the impact of the EU's forthcoming eastward enlargement. Compared with NATO's expansion into post-Communist territory, EU enlargement looked like the lesser evil.
Embracing the dragon

Embracing the dragon: The EU's partnership with China

02 May 2005
The EU is now China's biggest trading partner. European companies are ploughing billions of euro into the booming Chinese market. The EU offers Beijing help in areas such as fighting pollution and writing better laws.
What new transatlantic institutions? file thumbnail

What new transatlantic institutions?

Charles Grant, Mark Leonard
01 April 2005
Earlier this year, Gerhard Schröder caused a stir with a speech to the Munich Security Conference. When he said that NATO was no longer the forum for top level strategic discussions between Europeans and Americans he was stating the obvious.
Bulletin issue 41

Issue 41 - 2005

Charles Grant, Katinka Barysch, Mark Leonard, John Monks
25 March 2005
Making multilateralism work

Making multilateralism work

Lord Hannay
01 February 2005
At their December 2003 summit, EU leaders nailed the concept of 'effective multilateralism' to their foreign policy mast. The governments said they were committed to upholding and improving international law; and to strengthening the United Nations (UN), by giving it the tools to do its work more effectively.
Europe's transformative power file thumbnail

Europe's transformative power

Mark Leonard
01 February 2005
Type the words 'Europe' and 'crisis' into the internet search engine Google, and more than four million entries come up. The media use these two words so frequently that they have become interchangeable.
But historians detect an enduring success behind the journalists' superficial sense of failure. They describe a continent that...
Bulletin issue 40

Issue 40 - 2005

Mark Leonard, Lord Hannay, Aurore Wanlin
28 January 2005
The EU and China

The EU and China

Katinka Barysch
01 December 2004
With George W Bush re-elected to the White House, many Europeans are gloomy about the future of transatlantic relations. The EU's relationship with Russia has also soured, and not only because of Moscow's attitude to Ukraine's fraudulent elections.
President Bush: why you need the Europeans

President Bush: Why you need the Europeans

Charles Grant, Steven Everts
01 December 2004
Dear Mr President, You have defeated an opponent who made a point of saying that he would pay more attention to European allies than you have done. You and your supporters must feel that your 'Americafirst' philosophy has been vindicated.
Your authority is now largely unchallenged at home. But that is...
Russia, the EU and Ukraine

Russia, the EU and Ukraine: Not a tug of war

01 December 2004
What has been the real choice in Ukraine's presidential election? To judge not only from the Russian media, but also from some western newspapers, Ukraine is the subject of a tug of war between Russia and the West.
Learning to live with the new Russia

Learning to live with the new Russia

01 October 2004
The terrorist attack on the Beslan school in North Ossetia horrified people all over Europe, as in other continents. And yet, despite the wave of sympathy that briefly united Russians and other Europeans, the fallout from Beslan is likely to damage the relationship between Russia and the EU.
That relationship had...
Bulletin issue 38

Issue 38 - 2004

Charles Grant, Nick Butler, Steven Everts, Daniel Keohane
24 September 2004
The EU and Russia

The EU and Russia: Strategic partners or squabbling neighbours?

Katinka Barysch
03 May 2004
The EU and Russia share a multitude of interests and objectives. The EU is Russia's biggest export market, while Russia is a crucial supplier of energy to the Union. However, as Katinka Barysch explains, the two sides often squabble.

A joined-up EU security policy

Daniel Keohane and Adam Townsend
01 January 2004
EU member-states disagree on whether the EU should have its own military headquarters, or continue to depend on NATO to help run EU operations. This dispute is becoming increasingly theological.