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RTVE: Europa abierta - Un año de los atentados de París. ¿Se ha reforzado realmente la seguridad europea?

11 November 2016
The CER's Camino Mortera-Martinez speaks to RTVE.es one year on from the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The Wonk: Britain will struggle to make EU migrants 'go home'

03 November 2016
The wonk.eu interviewed CER research fellow, Camino Mortera-Martinez on 'Britain will struggle to make EU migrants 'go home'.

Kontrol med migration er nøglen

14 September 2016
Med undtagelse af Merkel er EU-ledere end ikke begyndt at tale med deres egne befolkninger om udfordringens størrelse ved migration, mener britiske Ian Bond, leder af Centre for European Reforms udenrigspolitiske afdeling.
Always look on the dark side of life: How Britain got the EU wrong

Always look on the dark side of life: How Britain got the EU wrong

05 September 2016
When the British people voted by 52 to 48 per cent on June 23rd to leave the European Union, the political and financial establishment was shocked. Why had so many ordinary Britons voted for a leap into the unknown?
"Posielať domov" migrantov z EÚ nebude pre Britániu ľahké

"Posielať domov" migrantov z EÚ nebude pre Britániu ľahké

23 August 2016
Ľudia z iných krajín EÚ žijúci v Británii sa až tak veľmi brexitu obávať nemusia, píšu experti think-tanku CER. Novú britskú vládu čakajú v najbližších rokoch veľmi komplikované rokovania, podľa ktorých sa dohodne podoba budúceho vzťahu medzi Veľkou Britániou a zvyškom únie. Kľúčovou otázkou bude vytvorenie právneho rámca pre pokračovanie pobytu občanov EÚ v Spojenom kráľovstve.

Marketplace: Turkey — EU tensions threaten refugee deal

Rem Korteweg
22 August 2016
"The migrant deal was ill-advised from the outset. It was a deal with a leader who was already backsliding on human rights and democracy before the post-coup purge," said Rem Korteweg of the Centre for European Reform.

A death foretold

18 August 2016
The Mark News
The worst refugee crisis since World War II, a seemingly never-ending string of terrorist attacks, and the rise of populism across Europe threaten to bring the Schengen area down.

Channel 4 News: Sturgeon's Brexit warning

25 July 2016
Charles Grant talked to Channel 4 News about the the possible consequences of Brexit for border controls in Northern Ireland and Scotland's hopes of remaining in the EU.
(Sturgeon's Brexit warning - from 01.47) 

Colin and Matthew look into the current state of France after the recent terror attacks

16 July 2016
Camino Mortera-Martinez talks to Share Radio in the wake of the terror attack in Nice, and on the potential effects in France.

Don’t panic! Turkey won’t be joining the EU anytime soon

Rem Korteweg
16 June 2016
The Spectator
The Leave campaign sees the EU-Turkey accession talks as a reason to drum up fears about migration. In fact, it is a red herring.
How Britain may leave the EU and end up with just as many immigrants

How Britain may leave the EU and end up with just as many immigrants

08 June 2016
The Times
Suppose the British decide for Brexit. About 70 per cent of MPs in the House of Commons favour Remain. That doesn’t mean that MPs would ignore the referendum result.
Cómo salvar Schengen

Cómo salvar Schengen

04 June 2016
El Pais
La EU ha perdido el control de sus fronteras. Schengen, el acuerdo que abolió los controles fronterizos en 26 países europeos, está a punto de derrumbarse.

CER podcast: Five questions on the implications of a Brexit for EU Justice and Home Affairs policies

18 May 2016
In the third episode of a series of podcasts on the implications of a Brexit for the EU, Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) research fellow Camino Mortera-Martinez explains the consequences of a Brexit for EU JHA policies.
The collapse of Schengen would have only two winners: Terrorists and populist parties

The collapse of Schengen would have only two winners: Terrorists and populist parties

05 May 2016
The Telegraph
Unprecedented numbers of asylum seekers making their way into Europe have led some member states to close their borders.

The reckless return of migrants to Turkey is a dangerous time for Europe

05 April 2016
The Independent
Ankara has not managed to shut down migration flows in the past, and there is nothing to prevent the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, asking for more concessions.

UCL European Institute: John Springford on migration in the Brexit debate

31 March 2016
John Springford, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform on the economic and trade implications of free movement, and the role of migration in the referendum on Britain's EU membership.

BBC World News: EU-Turkey migrant deal

17 March 2016
Clara Marina O'Donnell fellow Sophia Besch talks to BBC World News on the EU-Turkey deal negotiations at the European Council summit yesterday.

CER podcast: Emergency EU Turkey summit

09 March 2016
Sophia Besch talks to the CER's JHA expert Camino Mortera-Martinez about the details of this week's migration summit deal and broader implications for the sustainability of Schengen.

BBC World News: EU migrant crisis

25 February 2016
Ian Bond talks to BBC World News on Europe's migrants crisis.