In the Press - Don’t believe those who say a pan-European public sphere is impossible

16 January 2022
Financial Times
“There’s more and more of a trans-European debate,” observes Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform, a London-headquartered think-tank with offshoots in Brussels and Berlin. “There are still national bubbles but a sense that we’re all in this debate together.”

In the Press - Fear of Russia brings new purpose and unity to NATO, once again

14 January 2022
The New York Times
“NATO is its member states, and it’s what allies make of it,” said Sophia Besch, a defense analyst in Berlin for the Centre for European Reform. “It’s not out of business because we didn’t let it, and we’ve changed its raison d’être to what are the major strategic concerns of the day.”

In the Press - European Union faces external and internal rifts

14 January 2022
The Wall Street Journal
“If Pécresse wins, the world goes on, like Scholz winning in Germany,” says Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, a London-based think tank. Center-left Mr. Scholz looks set to maintain many policies of center-right former Chancellor Angela Merkel. Post-Merkel Germany, while stable, will likely play a diminished role in Europe, Mr. Grant predicts. “The new government will take time to come together due to the difficulty of the three-party coalition,” he says.

In the Press - A solution without a problem? The ‘digital pound’ may be dead in the water

14 January 2022
CBDCs are seen as a way to bolster financial inclusion in countries with large unbanked populations. But for developed economies like the UK, the benefits are more limited, argues Zach Meyers, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform think-tank."A lot of debate focuses on the potential harm digital currencies could do to macroeconomic stability, but an alarmingly small amount of time has been spent considering why we're actually doing this," he says.

In the Press - Commerci, Borsa, Irlanda del Nord: tutti i nodi dopo un anno di Brexit

10 January 2022
La Repubblica
Secondo il think-tank Centre for European Reform citato dall'Economist, l'import e l'export britannico si sono ristretti complessivamente dell'11-16% dall'inizio del 2021. 

In the Press - EU hopes to emerge stronger than ever after ‘undesirable’ Brexit as it battles Russia, Covid and the far-right

09 January 2022
“If Le Pen or – God help us, Zemmour – wins, then the EU is plunged into crisis. That is the nightmare scenario,” says John Springford, the deputy director of the Centre for European Reform (CER) in London.
...“If Orbán wins again, then he will be emboldened to continuing suppressing dissent,” Mr Springford says. “If he loses, champagne corks will pop in Brussels, as it shows pro-European forces can win – although it will not mean that populism is gone.”

In the Press - UK tipped to rejoin EU project as Truss 'softens' Frost's tough Brexit stance

07 January 2022
If Ms Truss is able to strike a deal, this would finally put an end to the delay in Britain’s involvement in the project. It might now be more likely than when Lord Frost was in charge, according to Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform think-tank. He said: “With David Frost’s departure, there’s at least a chance of a bit of a reset in the EU-UK relationship because people in Brussels reckoned so long as he was there they couldn’t have a much better relationship.”

In the Press - Brexit hysteria grips Germany as newspaper gloats 'English Channel is wider and UK poorer'

05 January 2022
The Centre for European Reform deputy director John Springford has compared the British economy with a fictional doppelganger in which the UK voted against Brexit in 2016. In the years between the referendum and the exit from the European Union, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the real country was three percent lower than that of the doppelganger.

In the Press - La UE se blinda ante crisis migratorias orquestadas por terceros países

03 January 2022
El Pais
La estratagema del régimen de Lukashenko, en opinión de Camino Mortera-Martínez, analista del Centro para la Reforma Europea, “ha fracasado principalmente por la falta de apoyo de Rusia, pero si lo que se quiere en Europa son estas medidas de la Comisión y también las excepciones a las reglas de inmigración y asilo, se puede decir que ha tenido un cierto resultado”.

In the Press - How a year outside the EU’s legal and trading arrangements has changed Britain

01 January 2022
The Economist
According to John Springford of the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank, Britain’s total combined imports and exports have been depressed by 11-16% relative to its peers since the beginning of 2021. Imports have been hit hardest—surprisingly, because Britain postponed customs checks until January 2022, whereas the EU did not.