The future of EU-Israel relations after Biden's victory

Press quote (The New Arab)
13 November 2020

Luigi Scazzieri, Research Fellow at the Centre for European Reform, says Biden will take a much less pro-Israel line than Trump, and "will recommit the US to a two-state solution" and be critical of Israeli settlement construction. "I think Israel will be pressured to drop the annexation agenda," he told The New Arab.


If Biden takes this approach he will be welcomed by most EU member states, although there aren't any real hopes that he will force Israel to make major concessions. The EU will continue to reiterate its commitment to the two-state solution and to criticise Israel for actions that undermine it, Scazzieri says. 

There is also a chance, he added, that the EU may become tougher towards Israel, implementing more "differentiation" in its relations with Israel proper and the occupied territories.