US election results: Will Brexit drive a wedge between Boris Johnson and Joe Biden?

Press quote (Sky News)
08 November 2020

Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform think-tank, told Sky News: "The Biden advisers I talk to are concerned about Brexit, partly just for reasons of national interest. 

"They saw Britain as a friend and helper in Europe who helped steer the EU in a pro-US direction, pushing Atlanticist agendas on free trade, a strong NATO and standing up to Russia.

"More generally, Biden's people are strong believers in multilateralism and believe the world is a better place with big international organisations with lots of power, like the World Health Organisation, the World Trade Organisation and the European Union.

"Although Boris Johnson, to be fair, is not against the World Health Organisation, the World Trade Organisation or the Paris climate change agreements, he has been strongly opposed to the EU, which Americans see as a force of stability in Europe.

"They see the West as weakened with Britain leaving the EU. They see the EU without Britain as weaker strategically, economically, diplomatically and in defence terms, facing other countries such as Russia."