CER podcast: Political repression in Belarus and what the West can do about it

Ian Bond, Katia Glod
28 May 2021

Political repression in Belarus has been evident for many years, with opposition leaders disappearing in the late 1990s and many other government critics being persecuted or detained since then; the brutal suppression of popular protests last summer after President Alexander Lukashenko's improbable re-election; and most recently, the forced diversion and landing of a plane travelling from Athens to Vilnius, which carried the Belarusian journalist and telegram blogger Roman Protasevich and his girlfriend, who have subsequently been arrested. In this week's CER podcast, our director of foreign policy, Ian Bond, speaks to Katia Glod, non-resident fellow at Washington's Centre for European Analysis, about the latest wave of repression and what the West can do to help. 


Music by Edward Hipkins.