Camino Mortera-Martinez

Camino Mortera-Martinez

Senior research fellow (Based in Brussels)
Areas of expertise 

Free movement of persons, counter-terrorism policies, criminal law, police and judicial co-operation, migration policies, JHA's institutional structure, civil law and international private law.


BBC World Service: European top jobs

29 May 2019
Camino Mortera, a senior research fellow for the Centre of European Reform spoke to the BBC World Service about the top jobs at the Commission and Council (from 10:44).

CER podcast: European Parliament elections special

20 May 2019
Beth Oppenheim talks to the CER's experts about the upcoming European Parliament elections.

CER podcast: A guide to the Spanish election

08 May 2019
Sophia Besch asks Camino Mortera-Martinez to talk through the Spanish election results.

Grayling TV: The EU elections aftermath

06 May 2019
This week we speak to Camino Mortera, a senior research fellow for the Centre of European Reform. Camino is a specialist on justice and home and European affairs. This time, she talks to David Simon, head of Public Affairs Grayling on predictions after the EU elections.

Extradition cases signal alarming trust issues in the EU

04 April 2019
The European Arrest Warrant (EAW) is meant to enable near-automatic extradition within the European Union whereby suspects are transferred from one member-state to another as if the bloc were one single jurisdiction.

A liberal-centrist vision for Europe?

Carnegie Europe
14 March 2019
While the liberal-centrists style themselves as a progressive bulwark against populist-nativism, they have yet to develop a united vision for the future of European co-operation.

CER podcast: Why Europe needs legal migration

13 March 2019
Beth Oppenheim and Camino Mortera-Martinez make the case for opening legal migration routes into the EU.

BBC News: Brussels Brexit talks

07 February 2019
“Nothing has really changed ...I think she [Theresa May] knew the withdrawal agreement was not up for negotiation – the political declaration is ...but she had to come here anyway”, Camino Mortera-Martinez tells BBC News.

El 'brexit' y las reglas de la improvisación

El Periodico Internacional
28 January 2019
La falta de guion, o de Constitución escrita, ha desembocado en una lucha encarnizada entre el Gobierno de May y la Cámara de los Comunes por hacerse con el control del proceso.