Luigi Scazzieri

Luigi Scazzieri

Senior research fellow
Areas of expertise 

European foreign and security policy, Italy and the EU, transatlantic relations, migration.


Mario Draghi is Italy’s best hope but the issues he'll face are huge

11 February 2021
Mario Draghi, the former head of the European Central Bank, is set to be Italy’s next prime minister.

Strategic autonomy and the next four years of EU-US relations

15 December 2020
European leaders greeted Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election with relief.

President Biden: Good for Europe, but not a miracle-worker

19 November 2020
As long as Donald Trump doesn’t stage a coup d’état, Joe Biden will be sworn in as US President on January 20th 2021, and most of Europe will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

The EU and the Eastern Mediterranean flashpoint

Aspenia Online
05 October 2020
Tensions are running high in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey disputes Greek and Cypriot maritime boundaries, and argues that Cyprus has no right to exploit its natural gas resources until it reaches a deal to share them with Turkish Cypriots in the divided island’s north.

The EU's Turkey challenge

LSE blog
01 October 2020
EU leaders will discuss relations with Turkey at a special European Council meeting that begins today.

CER submission to the British government's integratered view of security, defence, development and foreign policy

21 September 2020
The CER's submission to the British government's security, defence, development and foreign policy review argues that to tackle diverse threats successfully, the UK must build strong partnerships with other democracies.

CER podcast: Tensions rising between Turkey and EU in Eastern Mediterranean

03 September 2020
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s regional ambitions and push for control of gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean have put Turkey on a collision course with the EU.

The Eastern Mediterranean heats up

26 August 2020
Summer may be drawing to a close but tensions are still heating up in the Eastern Mediterranean. A succession of dangerous military incidents between Turkey, France and Greece has raised the risk of conflict in the region.
Covid-19 makes reform of the EU’s approach towards its southern neighbours more urgent than ever

Covid-19 makes reform of the EU’s approach towards its southern neighbours more urgent than ever

LSE blog
18 August 2020
The EU has a stated goal of promoting prosperity and stability in the Middle East and North Africa. However, its efforts to secure Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements with its southern neighbours have so far had limited success.

London calling Huawei out

Aspenia Online
16 July 2020
After much deliberation, in mid-July the British government decided to implement restrictions on the role of controversial Chinese company Huawei in the UK’s next-generation 5G telecommunications network.