Simon Tilford

Simon Tilford

Associate fellow
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Britain and Europe, the euro, fiscal and monetary policy, labour and social policy, competition, innovation, environmental economics and demographics.


Conference report: How to save the EU

15 January 2018
50 leading economists, political scientists and experts on the EU considered the forces undermining the Union, and how Europe should respond to them.

All is not well in the Visegrad economies

29 November 2017
On the face of it the Visegrad – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – appear to be doing quite well economically. But there are problems behind the headline growth figures.

Relaunching the EU

07 November 2017
The EU is ripe for fundamental reform. New policies are needed for migration and the euro. The EU also needs more flexible structures so that countries can opt in and out of key policies.

Populism – culture or economics?

30 October 2017
Are economic factors to blame for the rise of populism, or is it a cultural backlash? The answer is a bit of both: economic weakness strengthens social conservatives' illiberal views.
Is the eurozone really out of the woods?

Is the eurozone really out of the woods?

22 September 2017
Can the eurozone avoid another crisis without further significant reforms? Much will depend on the longevity of the current upturn and the depth of the next downturn.

The limits to Labour's 'constructive ambiguity' over Brexit

06 July 2017
Labour proposes a "jobs-first" and hard Brexit at the same time. This means the party can't capitalise on the Tories' stewardship of the economy.
How should the EU react to Britain's general election?

How should the EU react to Britain's general election?

15 June 2017
The EU-27 can force Britain's politicians to acknowledge Brexit’s trade-offs, by offering the British four options from which it must choose.

What does the election result mean for Brexit?

09 June 2017
Brexit barely figured in the UK's general election, but the result means that the country might yet have an election fought explicitly on the issue.

Why no deal would be much worse than a bad deal

24 May 2017
Theresa May and several of her ministers have claimed that no Brexit deal would be better than a poor deal. They are wrong.
The British and their exceptionalism

The British and their exceptionalism

03 May 2017
Few countries have allowed their sense of exceptionalism to damage their interests in the way Britain is doing. British overconfidence is unjustified and will come at a heavy price.