Sophia Besch

Sophia Besch

Senior research fellow
Areas of expertise 

EU Common Security and Defence Policy, European defence industry integration, NATO, German security and defence policy


CER podcast: Five questions on the implications of a Brexit for the EU

04 May 2016
In the first of a series of podcasts on the implications of a Brexit for the EU, Sophia Besch talks to CER's director of foreign policy Ian Bond.

CER podcast: The Dutch-Ukraine referendum

01 April 2016
The Netherlands will vote on the EU’s association agreement with Ukraine on April 6th. Like the British referendum, the Dutch referendum risks making both the EU and its eastern neighbourhood less stable.

BBC World News: EU-Turkey migrant deal

17 March 2016
Clara Marina O'Donnell fellow Sophia Besch talks to BBC World News on the EU-Turkey deal negotiations at the European Council summit yesterday.

CER podcast: Emergency EU Turkey summit

09 March 2016
Sophia Besch talks to the CER's JHA expert Camino Mortera-Martinez about the details of this week's migration summit deal and broader implications for the sustainability of Schengen.

CER podcast: February 18-19 EU Council Summit

19 February 2016
The CER's Sophia Besch talks to CER director Charles Grant and senior research fellow John Springford about their take on David Cameron's EU deal at the February EU summit.

David Camerons EU Reformen – ein Balanceakt für Großbritannien und die Europäische Union

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik (ÖGfE)
18 December 2015
Im November 2015 hat die britische Regierung einen lange erwarteten Brief von David Cameron an Donald Tusk, den Präsident des Europäischen Rats, veröffentlicht.

Judy Asks: Can Merkel survive the refugee crisis?

Carnegie Europe
21 October 2015
Every week, a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign and security policy challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.