Britain & other member-states

Bulletin issue 22

Issue 22 - 2002

Edward Bannerman, Richard Cunningham, Peter Lichtenbaum, Gareth Harding
25 January 2002
Europe after September 11th

Europe after September 11th

Charles Grant, Edward Bannerman, Steven Everts, Heather Grabbe, Alasdair Murray
07 December 2001
This report argues that many good things have come out of the crisis, so far. The US is re-engaging with the world. The European Union has accelerated its plans to integrate in the fields of external and internal security.
France, Germany and "hard-core" Europe

France, Germany and "hard-core" Europe

01 August 2001
In Paris, thinking on the future of the EU tends to focus on two French worries. One is the decline of the Franco-German relationship, and the consequent threat to French influence.
Bulletin issue 19

Issue 19 - 2001

Charles Grant, Edward Bannerman, Matthew Heim
27 July 2001
Turning East

Turning East: Europe Courts Asia

Edward Bannerman
01 February 2001
The United States has long cast its shadow over the formal meetings of Asian and European ministers. "How will this play in Washington?" was the unspoken caveat to the normally unexciting conclusions of most Asian-Europe Meetings (ASEM).

The January ASEM gathering of finance ministers in Kobe, Japan, suggests that this...
Bulletin issue 16

Issue 16 - 2001

Edward Bannerman, Carl Bildt, Alasdair Murray
26 January 2001

The unholiest of alliances

01 December 2000
Yes, there really are some people who believe in a federal super-state. They want the EU to evolve into something like the USA, with a strong central government responsible to the European Parliament.

EU2010: An optimistic view of the future

01 September 2000
The European Union's principal task in the first decades of the 21st century is to spread peace, stability, security and prosperity to the entire European continent. The chief mechanism for achieving this end is the enlargement of the Union.
Europe's new political flexibility

Europe's new political flexibility

Steven Everts
01 August 2000
First Joschka Fischer and then Jacques Chirac have sought to frame the terms of the debate on the future of the EU. Mr Fischer's "centre of gravity" and Mr Chirac's "pioneer group" are the subject of earnest discussion in think-tanks, foreign ministries and newspaper columns.
Bulletin issue 13

Issue 13 - 2000

Steven Everts, Alasdair Murray, Julie Wolf
28 July 2000
How to help Russia

How to help Russia

01 February 2000
Almost ten years after the collapse of Soviet Communism, most Russians accept that power should change hands through the ballot box, and that they need some sort of market economy. And yet their view of the world is very different from that of most Europeans or Americans.
Corruption in Eastern Europe

Corruption in Eastern Europe

Liz Barrett
01 February 2000
Perhaps the greatest obstacle to the integration of Eastern Europe into the European Union - but the least discussed - is corruption. The problem is not absent in Western Europe or the EU institutions, of course, but in many parts of Eastern Europe bribery is endemic.
One cost of corruption...
Bulletin issue 10

Issue 10 - 2000

Charles Grant, Liz Barrett, Alexandra Ashbourne
28 January 2000
Bulletin issue 15

Issue 15 - 2000

Charles Grant, Heather Grabbe, Kirsty Hughes
26 November 1999
Britain in Europe

Britain in Europe

01 October 1999
The history of Britain's troubled relationship with the European Union has been far too repetitive. Every time that the continental countries want to deepen their union, the British hold back and predict failure; and later, when they see the venture working, they grudgingly join and accept rules written by others.
Bulletin issue 8

Issue 8 - 1999

Charles Grant, Ben Hall, Bernard Hughes, Steven Everts,
24 September 1999
What next for Kosovo?

What next for Kosovo?

Michael Maclay
01 June 1999
Although the guns have yet to fall silent, there is an urgent need to sort out the rehabilitation of Kosovo. Even under the best of scenarios, this is going to be an expensive and excruciating business.
A mandate for convergence

A mandate for convergence

Kitty Ussher
01 June 1999
The government is missing a trick by failing to encourage the Bank of England to play an active part in ensuring Britain's economic convergence with the euro-zone.
The prime minister has repeatedly said joining EMU requires the UK's "sustainable convergence with the economies of the single currency". This doesn't mean exchange-rate...
Issue 6 - 1999 file thumbnail

Issue 6 - 1999

François Heisbourg, Kitty Ussher, Michael Maclay, Andrew Marr
28 May 1999
Europe's uncertain identity

Europe's uncertain identity

Gilles Andréani
05 February 1999
The launch of the euro is a success of historic proportions. It is also the ultimate vindication of the method first sketched out nearly fifty years ago in the Schuman memorandum.