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Talk Radio: Post-Brexit trade deals

Sam Lowe
16 February 2020
The Centre for European Reform's Sam Lowe discusses post-Brexit trade deals: "Everything we buy from the EU will be more expensive than it was before, even if tariffs are zero, because there will be new customs procedures and new bureaucracy."

British services have played second fiddle in the Brexit debate

Sam Lowe
11 February 2020
The UK in a Changing Europe
In 2018, services accounted for 46 per cent of UK exports, or £297 billion. The EU received 40 per cent of British services exports, and was the origin of 48 per cent of British services imports, the highest proportion of any UK trading partner.

EU trade chief: ‘Australia-style’ Brexit agreement means no deal

05 February 2020
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson could still end up without a trade agreement if he pursues an "Australia-style" deal with the EU because such a deal does not exist, European Commissioner for Trade Phil Hogan said.

Keynote address by Commissioner Phil Hogan at the Centre for European Reform

Phil Hogan
04 February 2020
European Commission
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
First of all let me thank CER for the invitation to speak here today, and let me commend you for the hugely important space you provide for reflection and debate.
We live in a time where balanced analysis has gone out of fashion in many constituencies. Polarised...

Brightblue podcast: Where does Britain go next: The US or the EU?

Sam Lowe
01 February 2020
This edition of our podcast asks where does Britain go next: The US or the EU? We are joined by Dr Alan Mendoza, Director of the Henry Jackson Society, and Sam Lowe, Researcher at the Centre for European Reform.

A Brexit trade deal can be done but new cliff-edges await, warns trade expert

Sam Lowe
30 January 2020
The UK may be just hours away from walking through the EU’s exit door but when it comes to trade, the journey is only just about to start, according to Sam Lowe, one of Westminster’s leading trade experts.

BBC Radio 4 - The Briefing Room: How to do a trade deal

30 January 2020
For the first time in decades the UK will now negotiate its own trade deals. David Aaronovitch explores our options and likely outcomes. Free trade deals can take years and require hundreds of highly skilled staff in what are described as the biggest games of poker you can play.

CER podcast: Brexit bulletin special

Charles Grant, Sam Lowe, Ian Bond, Beth Oppenheim
29 January 2020
In this special Brexit episode of the CER podcast, Charles Grant explains why the CER is still needed after Brexit; Sam Lowe discusses the future of UK-EU trade; and Ian Bond explores the fate of UK foreign policy.

Sky News: What's the next stage of Brexit?

Sam Lowe
29 January 2020
Sam Lowe spoke to Sky News on the cost of post-Brexit divergence: “The day one impact would look very similar to all of the forecasts as if we were to have left the EU without a deal in place”.

CER podcast: Reviewing 2019

18 December 2019
CER researchers review the year 2019, and discuss what to expect in 2020. The conversation spans the future UK-EU relationship; the fraying of the transatlantic link; China; the state of Franco-German relations; and the EU economy.

BBC Today Programme: UK-US trade agreements

Sam Lowe
30 November 2019
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform spoke to the Today Programme to discuss how a possible FTA might take shape between the UK and the US (from 52 mins).

Johnson's future Brexit plan would be almost as disruptive as no deal

Sam Lowe
28 November 2019
A "super Canada plus" agreement would still present businesses with a cliff edge.

Channel 4 News: Brexit deal - trade barriers

Sam Lowe
18 October 2019
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, told Channel 4 News,"Brexit never ends, you just move onto the next stage".

BBC RADIO 4- TODAY PROGRAMME: What does the Brexit deal mean in practise

Sam Lowe
17 October 2019
Sam Lowe a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform spoke to the Today programme this morning about what the current Brexit deal means in practise (from 06.15).

Newsnight: Ongoing Brexit negotiations

Sam Lowe
11 October 2019
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform spoke to BBC Newsnight about the thawing in Brexit negotiations over the past few days.

Parliament Live: Home Office preparations for Brexit

Sam Lowe
08 October 2019
Sam Lowe, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, along with Dr Anna Jerzewska, Customs and Trade Consultant gave their thoughts on the Home Office preparations for Brexit.

Nicht zu beneiden

20 September 2019
Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft
Christine Lagarde steht als neue Chefin der EZB vor gewaltigen Herausforderungen. Ohne Hilfe aus Berlin wird es nicht gehen.

WDR: Schwarze Null schadet international

10 September 2019
Nicht nur der Investitionsbedarf in Deutschland spricht für einen Abschied von der „schwarzen Null“ meint Christian Odendahl vom Centre for European Reform: Auch die Weltwirtschaft und Deutschlands Ansehen könnten profitieren.

Class CNBC - Milano Finanza: Ambrosetti '19: l'inchiodata di Berlino - Parla Christian Odendahl, capo economista del CER

06 September 2019
Christian Odendahl, chief economist at the Centre for European Reform spoke to CNBC about the EU economy.

BBC News - Newsday: Will Boris Johnson get a deal with the EU?

Sam Lowe
04 September 2019
MPs in the United Kingdom have succeeded in the first stage of their attempt to pass a law which would block a no-deal Brexit. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has insisted that the threat of the UK leaving without a deal is vital to him negotiating with Brussels. So, how much progress have those negotiations made to date? Sam Lowe is a Senior Research Fellow with the Centre for European Reform.