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Eurozone Chutzpah and the IMF

11 April 2012
Project Syndicate
LONDON – Eurozone policymakers and politicians are in no doubt: they have done their part to support the currency union’s struggling members by increasing the size of its rescue fund, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). Now it is time for the rest of the world – that is, the...

One flew over the EU's mess

19 March 2012
The Wall Street Journal
Welcome to the European Union Home for the Economically Insane. We care for nations dealing with status anxiety, paranoia and low self-esteem, or those who are simply drifting into a senile old age. Please follow me on the guided tour.
Upstairs we have the Acropolis Room. This is where...

The European fallacy of Ireland and the Baltics

Ambrose Evans-pritchard
27 January 2012
The Daily Telegraph
Another excellent paper by Simon Tilford from the Centre for European Reform.

Eurozone policy-makers – from President Sarkozy and Wolfgang Schäuble to the former President of the ECB, Jean-Claude Trichet – advocate that Italy and Spain should emulate the Baltic states and Ireland. These four countries, they argue, demonstrate...

End of an affair? City of London and EU in bitter acrimony

Philip Whyte
12 January 2012
Yale Global
The global financial crisis has had a seemingly odd impact on relations between the City of London, the United Kingdom and the European Union. Before the crisis, the dominant assumption in Britain was that what was good for the City, Europe's largest financial center, was good for the UK and...