In the Press - Make no mistake, Britain is not a world-beating economy

29 August 2016
Financial Times
Simon Tilford of the Centre for European Reform provides a far more realistic picture in his Brexit Britain. Measured at purchasing power parity, the rise in the UK's gross domestic product per head between 2000 and 2015 was smaller than in Germany, Spain and France. Over this period, the UK outperformed only Italy, among the EU's largest pre-2000 members. In 2015, the UK's GDP per head was lower relative to the average of the 15 pre-2000 EU members than in 2000: its GDP per head was a mere ninth within this group.

In the Press - As US election nears, the globe watches (very) intently

28 September 2016
The Christian Science Monitor
In Britain, just setting out on an uncertain path outside the European Union, the "special relationship" between London and Washington is more important than ever, suggests Ian Bond, foreign policy analyst at the Centre for European Reform in London.

In the Press - Distorted data that mask Britain's real plight

28 September 2016
The Evening Standard
It was, for example, often repeated by Boris Johnson in the EU referendum campaign that Britain’s economic performance had for the last 15 years been much better than that of the rest of the EU. But Simon Tilford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform, alleges that, on the contrary, Britain is in many ways the poor man of Europe.  

In the Press - Stuck in a rut? Here's how to help the Brits who feel left behind

28 September 2016
City A.M
Our fortune in the west may be indisputable, but is often little comfort to the many Brits who – by western European standards – are stuck in an economic rut. Stark figures were published this week from the Centre for European Reform. London and the south east are the only UK regions with a higher-than-average GDP per capita, compared to 15 major EU countries. All other parts of the UK (accounting for three quarters of the population) have GDP-per-head below 90 per cent of the EU-15 average.

In the Press - European firms offer Britain scant support in divorce talks

25 September 2016
The Daily Mail
Simon Tilford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform think-tank, said that if Britain better understood the thinking of EU governments and businesses, it could secure a deal allowing tariff-free trade in goods with Europe. If it didn't, the two-year period between notifying Brussels of its intention to leave, and membership expiring, could pass without any deal at all, he said. "If the UK wants controls on labour movement from the EU it will have to concede membership of the EU's single market for services. I think that's obvious."  

In the Press - British PM Theresa May dismisses Brexit veto threat

25 September 2016
Cosumnes Connection
"Free movement is the only way that most such services-in construction, retail and so forth-can be traded, as construction workers and baristas cannot provide their services remotely", John Springford, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, said in a report.

In the Press - Brexit vote 3 months on: Markets questions still to answer

23 September 2016
Financial Times
The Centre for European Reform counts six interlocking negotiations for the UK government to contemplate: legal exit from the EU, the ultimate trading relationship, an interim arrangement between the two, joining the World Trade Organisation, trade agreements with 53 countries to replace existing EU deals, and co-operation on European security and defence.

In the Press - Free Lunch: How to help the left-behind

22 September 2016
Financial Times
Beyond redistributive and labour market policies, consider Simon Tilford’s analysis of what ails the British economy. Tilford rightly diagnoses the UK as economically middling by west European standards, in particular in terms of productivity. He blames supply side problems including poorer skills (numeracy and literacy), scarcer housing and more meagre transport infrastructure investment than the other large west European economies...

Future events

CER/Open Europe fringe event at the Conservative party conference: ‘Testing the limits of the post-Brexit Deal’

03 October 2016
Speakers include: Raoul Ruparel; Dominic Raab MP; Detlef Seif, Member of the German Parliament, CDU; Chair: Charles Grant