In the Press - Leaked EU deal text reveals no progress from Cameron in Brussels

11 February 2016
The Telegraph
Charles Grant, the director of the Centre for European Reform, a pro-EU think-tank, agreed the changes were largely cosmetic and designed to pander to the sensitivities of core-Europe. "The euro theologians in France and elsewhere have got the text to reassert the fiction that every country bar the UK and Denmark is on its way towards the euro," he said.

In the Press - EU referendum: Why the use of data by EU campaign groups should be taken with a tablespoon of salt

11 February 2016
City A.M
But for Simon Tilford, deputy director at the Centre for European Reform, the numbers aren’t helpful at all: "The whole idea of putting concrete figures on this is nonsense. It is impossible to be anywhere near as precise as the In and Out camps are attempting to be on this question."

In the Press - When will the rest of Europe want its own 'Brexit'?

10 February 2016
Bloomberg Business
"All eyes are on France," said John Springford, senior research fellow at London's Centre for European Reform. EU officials are keen on "sending signals" to National Front leader Marine Le Pen and the wider French electorate "that this trick won’t work," because "if France goes euroskeptic, the project is toast."

In the Press - David Cameron scrambles to beef up puny EU deal

08 February 2016
The Telegraph
"Getting treaty change on the in-work benefits brake is crucial for Cameron because he will almost certainly be challenged before the European Court of Justice on this, given that some will claim it is discriminatory. He needs treaty change and the Poles are pivotal on this," Charles Grant said.

In the Press - David Cameron wins Poland over to welfare benefit curbs

05 February 2016
Financial Times
"As the text currently stands, the safeguard mechanism on benefits may be challenged in the courts," said Charles Grant, of the Centre for European Reform. "Cameron needs to secure a promise that this mechanism will be included in the treaties when they are next changed. It is crucial that he finds a way of persuading the Poles to agree."

In the Press - More buyers wanted - Exports continue to disappoint, even in sectors where Britain should do well

05 February 2016
The Economist
Although Britain's services trade with emerging economies rose fast in 1998-2012, as the Centre for European Reform, a think-tank, points out, only in the case of Brazil did Britain’s exports "grow significantly faster than the economy concerned".

In the Press - David Cameron fights for his place in history with European Union vote

05 February 2016
The Economic Times
A draft deal for changes to Britain's relationship with the EU has been published and it could be finalised at a Brussels summit later this month. "I think he is in a quite difficult political situation, and that is because he made the most specific demands in the area that's most difficult to convince the other member states to agree and that's benefits for migrants," said John Springford of think-tank the Centre for European Reform. 

In the Press - David Cameron seeks to win round central Europe to EU deal

02 February 2016
Financial Times
Agata Gostyńska, EU affairs analyst at the Centre for European Reform, said Poland had to show resistance because being seen as too accommodating risked backfiring with domestic opinion. "For the moment it seems there is enough flexibility in the text for both to claim some victories. But the devil is in the details, and what Cameron and Szydlo will be discussing."

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