In the Press - The six sticking points that could stymie a Brexit deal

28 March 2017
“These talks may prove to be the most difficult and complex negotiation conducted by a British government since the Congress of Versailles after World War I,” Charles Grant, an analyst at the Centre for European Reform, wrote in a recent study for the European Parliament.

In the Press - The negotiator: Brexit talks to be Theresa May’s toughest test

26 March 2017
Financial Times
Charles Grant, head of the Centre for European Reform, says: “Arguably Cameron invested a bit too much in Merkel but there’s a view in Whitehall that she [Mrs May] has underinvested in Berlin.” While Mr Cameron could also call on Mark Rutte and Fredrik Reinfeldt, the Dutch and Swedish prime ministers, in a tight corner, Mr Grant says: “I don’t think she has those personal relationships at the moment.”

In the Press - Cracks on show at EU 'unity' summit in Rome

25 March 2017
The Telegraph
“Europe needs to find a new, multi-tier way to move forward that allows groups with similar interests to integrate without alienating the rest,” said Charles Grant, the director of the Centre for European Reform, a pro-EU think-tank.
“The EU will survive Brexit, but the Rome summit will only be useful if it highlights the problems facing the Union. The danger is that it could all feel too self-congratulatory,” he said.

In the Press - E.U. Is Turning 60 and Searching for Something to Celebrate

24 March 2017
The New York Times
Both Mr. Stefanini and Simon Tilford, the deputy director of the Center for European Reform, are struck by the complacency in Brussels, with rhetoric about the possibility of a multitier Europe lagging far behind the reality of division and competition.
“In Brussels, they see a couple of quarters of economic growth as a sign that everything is well,” Mr. Tilford said. “The first sign of relative improvement is an excuse to sound defensive and complacent.”

In the Press - A historic week ahead

24 March 2017
Financial Times
“If Mrs May does not want to further antagonise her partners she should be humble, constructive and flexible in her letter,“ says Agata Gostynska-Jakubowska of the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - Szczyt UE w Rzymie. Jedność, ale na horyzoncie podziały

24 March 2017
- Priorytetem jest wysłanie sygnału o tym, że Europa jest zjednoczona wobec wszystkich wyzwań, które ją trapią, przede wszystkim tych związanych z wyjściem z niej Wielkiej Brytanii. W Rzymie liderzy UE bedą starali się podkreślić to, co łączy państwa członkowskie, a unikać tych tematów, które je dzielą - mówi WP Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, ekspert Centre for European Reform w Londynie. - Ważne będzie też to, by odnieść się do historii projektu europejskiego i docenienić jego osiągnięcia, jak utrzymanie pokoju i stabilności na kontynencie. Młodsze pokolenia nie rozumieją, co motywowało Ojców Założycieli UE, a w obliczu zagrożeń trapiących dzisiaj UE warto im to przypomnieć.

In the Press - A Dutch government-commissioned report has stressed the importance of City access ahead of Brexit talks

23 March 2017
City A.M.
Committee member Rem Korteweg told City A.M.: “If you leave the Single Market then passporting doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the City plays a very important role in terms of capital provision across the EU 27. So what we would want is the second best version – a beefed up version of equivalence.
“We noted the moment the UK leaves the EU its regulations and standards will be 100 per cent equivalent to the EU 27. That should be the basis for continued use of the City as the main capital provider for the EU 27.”

In the Press - The importance of a European foreign and security policy

23 March 2017
The Economist
But as Camino Mortera-Martinez of the Centre for European Reform points out, non-EU countries cannot participate in the European Arrest Warrant. 

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29 March 2017
With Raoul Ueberecken, Director Home Affairs, Council of the European Union