In the Press - Brexit reality bites for May and Merkel

21 July 2016
Simon Tilford, deputy director of the Centre for European Reform, said May and Merkel were playing for time in the hope of something coming along to derail the process. "It may well come to Britain leaving the European Union's orbit altogether and forging its own way. But I wouldn't read too much into May's words - look at her actions." "She's confronting the Euroskeptics with reality. She's not in any hurry." 

In the Press - Hollande reste ferme face à Theresa May

21 July 2016
Les Echos
C'est bien là le problème. La France redoute que Theresa May ne tarde trop, prolongeant une période « d'incertitude » qui est « un risque pour la stabilité de l'économie européenne » selon François ­Hollande. « Theresa May pourrait avoir intérêt à attendre que l'élection présidentielle française soit passée », avance Simon ­Tilford, du think tank Centre for European Reform. La pression des eurosceptiques, FN en tête, forcerait l'Elysée à se montrer ferme en période électorale, estime cet expert.

In the Press - Retiring to Europe? You should wait until Brexit negotiations on pensions and healthcare access have concluded

20 July 2016
City A.M.
"The British position has long been that government expenditure must be reserved for immigrants who are in work, or have long-established ties to the member state in which they live," wrote John Springford of the CER. "Many British emigrants to Spain fail that test. [...] To avoid the charge of hypocrisy, Britain could agree to pay Spain to cover healthcare costs, accept that migrants should pay for it themselves, or have Britons risk their health by travelling home to be treated by the NHS."

In the Press - Brexit Briefing: Remain's day in court

19 July 2016
Financial Times
Liam Fox, the new international trade secretary, is beginning the process of trying to agree deals with non-EU states. But the UK has limited options, according to the latest analysis by John Springford of the Centre for European Reform.

In the Press - Veinte economistas contra la multa de Bruselas

19 July 2016
El Pais
“A Bruselas le gustaba decir que España era el alumno modélico: pero si crece es justamente porque resistió con sensatez las presiones para aprobar una nueva ronda de austeridad. Es preocupante ese dogmatismo de Bruselas con las sanciones”.

In the Press - Theresa May's first pledge as PM was for a 'one-nation Britain'. Can she deliver?

16 July 2016
The Guardian
Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform, who talks regularly to senior officials in all other EU governments, says those who believe the UK can have its cake and eat it from Brexit – access to the single market and limits on free movement – are deluding themselves.

In the Press - David Davis, el "bastardo encantador" que sacará a Reino Unido de la UE

15 July 2016
El Espanol
“Los va a dejar perplejos”, dice Simon Tilford, subdirector del think-tank británico Centre for European Reform, en referencia a los futuros compañeros europeos de Davis en la mesa de negociaciones. “Esto es lo piensa: 'Aunque el resto de la UE diga que no va a darle a Reino Unido lo que quiere, acabarán haciéndolo por nos necesitan'”, afirma. “Davis no entiende las consecuencias”.

In the Press - Boris Johnson 'lied a lot', says French foreign minister

14 July 2016
The Washington Post
German and French politicians may have little tolerance for a man who during the referendum campaign in Britain compared EU efforts to unify Europe with Napoleon and Hitler. "Boris Johnson doesn't do good personal relationships with other politicians," said Simon Tilford, deputy director of the London-based Centre for European Reform.