John Springford

John Springford

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Britain and Europe, migration and labour markets, the single market and supply side reform, international trade, the euro, fiscal and monetary policy.


NDR: Brexit and the UK economy

22 June 2022
John Springford discusses how Brexit is affecting the British economy with German public radio (from 00:58).

¿Qué sabemos hasta ahora del coste del Brexit?

17 June 2022
En mayo de 2020, el periodista James Forsyth, que goza de buenos contactos, escribió en The Spectator que el gobierno británico se encontraba cómodo con la idea de abandonar la UE sin un acuerdo.

Letters: The Brexit effect

16 June 2022
In Tom Clark’s excellent round-up of the economic effects of Brexit, he noted that exports to the EU “look almost unaffected on the headline numbers.” As ever with statistics, it depends on how you cut it.

Britain needs to face up to the cost of Brexit

16 June 2022
The UK debate about Brexit’s impact on the economy has ranged from non-existent to unserious. Labour is avoiding the subject, to try to regain lost voters in pro-Brexit constituencies, and the government immediately changes the subject to vaccines or free trade deals.

CER podcast: Is Brexit to blame for Britain's economic woes?

14 June 2022
In this week's CER podcast Rosie Giorgi spoke to economists John Springford and Thomas Sampson about how Brexit has impacted the UK economy.

LBC: The economic impact of Brexit

10 June 2022
John Springford discussed the economic impact of Brexit on the UK with Martin Stanford. Short of re-joining the single market or the EU as a whole, John said the UK needs to invest in boosting productivity, improve transport infrastructure & streamline trade policy as much as possible.

ITV News: Brexit cost the UK billions in lost trade and tax revenues, research finds

09 June 2022
Brexit has cost the UK economy billions of pounds in lost trade and tax revenues, according to research shared with ITV News by John Springford at the CER.

¿Qué supondría para Europa que Marine Le Pen llegara a la presidencia?

12 April 2022
Marine Le Pen ha renunciado a su referéndum sobre el euro, pero su programa de “Francia primero” paralizaría la Unión Europea desde dentro y debilitaría la alianza transatlántica.

CER podcast: Do states need to use more economic coercion to drive climate action?

04 February 2022
The first of two episodes from our economics conference on the politics of climate change.

One year on, it’s clear that Brexit has failed on its advocates’ own terms

The Independent
25 December 2021
Now that the Brexit deal has been in force for a year, it’s worth looking at initial claims from the politicians who forced through an exit from the EU’s single market.