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Brexiters are being naive over US trade. Bombardier is a taste of things to come

27 September 2017
The Guardian
Outside the EU's protective umbrella, Brexit Britain would be at the mercy of strong-arm US trade tactics.

Germany after the Hartz reforms

Christian Odendahl
11 September 2017
Foreign Affairs
The odds were always stacked against Martin Schulz, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) challenger to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the forthcoming election.

France Culture: Flexisécurité, Loi Hartz, Jobs Act : l’Europe à la recherche d’un modèle

Christian Odendahl
04 September 2017
Christian Odendahl speaks to radio France Culture about the German Hartz reforms (in French, from 40.00 mins).
Germany's labour reforms may not deserve their fame

Germany's labour reforms may not deserve their fame

13 July 2017
Germany's start-of-the-century labour reforms are getting a lot of attention these days, both as the cure-all for the country's previous economic woes and as the culprit behind inequality.

The myth of the German jobs miracle

11 July 2017
Financial Times
Christian Odendahl is one of the finest analysts of the German economy writing in English. So it’s worth your time to closely read his review of the country’s labour market reforms of the early 2000s, sometimes called “Agenda 2010” or the “Hartz Reforms”.

CER podcast: UK election primer

07 June 2017
On the day before the UK general election, Charles Grant and Simon Tilford discuss current polls, the effect of recent attacks on voting, which issues were not sufficiently discussed in the campaigns and what would be the best possible election result for Europe.

Why 'Brexit' will make Britain's mediocre economy worse

29 May 2017
The New York Times
An observer of Britain's 'Brexit' debate would be forgiven for thinking that the country's economy is one of the European Union's star performers.

CER podcast: What UK-EU trade deal after Brexit?

25 April 2017
John Springford talks to Sophia Besch about about the best possible trade deal between the UK and the EU after Brexit. Based on new empirical research into the costs of trade barriers he argues for a ‘Swiss style’ Brexit.

A quick trade deal with the US after Brexit is less likely than we think

Rem Korteweg
22 February 2017
The Spectator
It is many a Brexiteer’s fantasy: In 2019, shortly after the UK formally leaves the EU, Theresa May welcomes Donald Trump to Downing Street to ink a trade pact.
CER podcast: 5 questions on Trade, Trump and TTIP

CER podcast: 5 questions on Trade, Trump and TTIP

Sophia Besch, Rem Korteweg
16 January 2017
Rem Korteweg explains what trade policy under Trump will look like, if and how European governments can save TTIP, and what to make of a US-UK trade deal.

BNR: Brexit: snelle scheiding niet per se minder pijnlijk

Rem Korteweg
31 December 2016
Rem Korteweg speaks to BNR about the Brexit work ahead for Theresa May and the future of the EU-UK trade relationship. 

CER podcast: CER researchers review the year 2016

21 December 2016
Charles Grant, Simon Tilford and Ian Bond review the political themes and events that shaped 2016.

It's impossible for the government not to screw up Brexit with only 24 months to seal the deal

Rem Korteweg
23 November 2016
The Independent
From figuring out the negotiations guidelines to drawing up a transition deal, parliament's vote, European Court of Justice reviews and even talks about who gets what wine from the Commission's cellar, drawing up a Brexit deal will take years not months.
La caduta della sterlina non salverà l’economia britannica

La caduta della sterlina non salverà l’economia britannica

28 October 2016
Il sole 24 Ore
Per capire se una sterlina più debole potrà dare una spinta alle esportazioni britanniche, dobbiamo andare a vedere l’impatto che hanno avuto i precedenti deprezzamenti sulla domanda estera di beni e servizi del Regno Unito, e anche sulla struttura dell’export britannico.

CER podcast: What the fall of sterling means for the British economy and post-Brexit politics

21 October 2016
Simon Tilford and John Springford discuss the value of sterling and the impact on the economy and British politics.
Don’t give up on TTIP

Don’t give up on TTIP

Rem Korteweg
06 September 2016
TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, is in trouble. A chilly protectionist breeze is blowing across the west and the likelihood of reaching and ratifying a deal is receding.

Overcoming the poisonous politics of protectionism

29 July 2016
Project Syndicate
Hillary Clinton faces an election that has come to revolve around the legitimacy of a political establishment that she epitomises. And no issue has fueled that challenge more powerfully than international trade.

ITV News: France hopes to snap up finance trade from London after a Brexit

21 July 2016
Charles Grant, director of the CER spoke to ITV News. "The French government would love to see business move from the City of London to Paris for two reasons."

The Great British trade-off: Why the path to Brexit might be painful

Rem Korteweg
04 July 2016
The Spectator
Before the UK can enter this glorious new era of bilateral trade deals, the new Prime Minister must negotiate the divorce terms with the EU. He or she must also avoid damaging Britain’s existing trade relations with Europe. Welcome to the Great British trade-off.

Welche Lehren der Rest der EU aus dem Brexit ziehen sollte

Christian Odendahl
24 June 2016
One positive element of the British EU referendum debate is the lively discussion about the economics of EU membership. And the verdict is relatively clear: the single market has benefitted its members.