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Video interview on 'The future of Europe's economy: Disaster or deliverance?'

18 September 2013
Simon Tilford discusses the CER's latest report 'The future of Europe's economy: Disaster or deliverance?' by Paul De Grauwe, George Magnus, Thomas Mayer and Holger Schmieding.

UK has cut too deeply, but don't misread Greece's hardship

26 June 2013
Financial Times
From Mr Simon Tilford.Sir, The UK Treasury may well be guilty of many of the failings Philip Stephens attributes to it (“The best spending cut of all? Shut down the Treasury”, June 24).

Commentary on Irene Finel-Honigman's article: And the key question is whether a stronger eurozone will split the EU apart

Philip Whyte
20 June 2013
Europe's world
The friction between what Irene Finel-Honigman calls "economic rationale" and "political will" has been the driving force behind European integration. But now the eurozone crisis has transformed the nature of this interaction; its underlying spirit is no longer positive and optimistic – "how can we bring Europe closer together?"...

Video interview on 'The CER commission on the UK and the single market'

12 June 2013
The case for British membership of the EU has always rested primarily on the country's participation in the single market. The CER's commission on the UK and the single market will examine whether participation in the EU helps or hinders Britain's economy.

Video interview on 'How the EU's legitimacy has suffered since the euro crisis'

12 June 2013
Charles Grant discusses how the euro crisis has hit the EU's legitimacy.

Video interview on 'The working time directive'

Katinka Barysch
20 May 2013
Katinka Barysch discusses her recent policy brief 'The working time directive: What's the fuss about?'. The working time directive has had limited impact on British business. It has caused trouble in hospitals partly because the NHS relies so heavily on junior doctors.

Britain could reshape Europe if it would only try

14 May 2013
Financial Times
Is there any point in Britain staying in the EU if it is outside the euro? No, according to increasing numbers of  British eurosceptics  and European federalists.

Der er et Europa for enden af tunnelen

Katinka Barysch
03 May 2013
Den nuværende krise og sprækkerne i eurozonen kan resultere i et styrket Europa. Unionsprojektet er allerede i gang med at gennemgå et nødvendigt realitetstjek, mener vicepræsident Katinka Barysch fra anerkendt Europa-tænketank.

The EU battle Cameron could win

Katinka Barysch
20 March 2013
In his big European speech on 23rd January, David Cameron said he wanted radical reform of the European Union or, failing that, a series of unilateral opt-outs.

Britain should abandon hope of a revival in EU demand

04 February 2013
The Guardian
The British government's attempt to rebalance the UK economy has failed. In 2012, the deficit on the country's current account (the broadest measure of foreign trade) was larger than in any year since 1990.

Qué será de Europa - La recuperación exige un nuevo pacto entre el capital y el trabajo

14 December 2012
La Vanguardia
Si la situación económica no muestra síntomas de recuperación, las finanzas públicas seguirán debilitándose. Y, también, si los gobiernos no corrigen en aplicar medidas de austeridad que se alejan de las políticas de redistribución fiscal y de los sistemas de protección social, el escenario que se creará agravará los problemas...

Brytyjski ekspert: Cameron w sprawie budżetu Unii postawi na swoim

23 November 2012
Gazeta Wyborcza
Brytyjski premier nie jest sam. Oszczędności chce Szwecja, Holandia i, co najważniejsze, Niemcy - mówi John Springford, analityk brytyjskiego think tanku Centre for European Reform

Workers must get a bigger slice of the pie

22 November 2012
The New York Times
Economic growth in Europe depends on a recovery in household consumption. And that, in turn, requires a rethinking of the balance between capital and labour.

Middle class amid industrialized economies

11 November 2012
The Voice of Russia
Interview with Simon Tilford – chief economist at the London-based Centre for European Reform about middle class in industrialized or developed economiesI think over quite a long period of time the middle class in industrialized or developed economies has been I think squeezed. What we’ve seen over

Can Angela Merkel talk Cameron into being a more flexible ally?

Katinka Barysch
07 November 2012
The Guardian
The vexed EU budget is supposed to be the main topic of discussion when Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel, meets David Cameron for supper on Wednesday in Downing Street.

London to Germany: Now save the euro

Katinka Barysch
31 October 2012
The Globalist
Plenty of policy makers and analysts in the United States and the United Kingdom think Germany is destroying the euro. The Germans think they are saving it. Clearly, they both can't be right.

A three-tier EU puts single market at risk

25 October 2012
Financial Times
The euro crisis is changing the shape of the EU. As the countries in the eurozone seek to strengthen it by centralising economic policy making, three tiers are emerging within the union.

Evidence to the Select Committee on EU economic and financial affairs - Reform of the EU banking sector

Philip Whyte, Mats Persson
23 October 2012
House of Lords
Unrevised transcript of evidence evidence given to the House of Lords European Union Sub-Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs, with Philip Whyte, senior research fellow, CER.

Europe needs service-market liberalisation

20 September 2012
The Wall Street Journal
In exchange for sharing southern Europe's debt burden, Germany is demanding liberal economic reforms in those countries. Yet Germany is not following its own advice.

Peut-on croire Draghi?

05 September 2012
Les Echos
LE CERCLE. Mario Draghi, le président de la Banque Centrale Européenne, a affirmé à plusieurs reprises que la BCE ferait tout ce qui est nécessaire pour sauver l'euro.