• Opinion piece by Rem Korteweg
    City A.M, 17 July 2015

    Tuesday’s agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme is a momentous achievement, but only if it can be enforced and verified. Following the diplomatic deal in Vienna, Western governments should engage with Tehran, but also help to contain Iran’s growing influence in the region. 

  • Report by Charles Grant, Ian Bond, Simon Tilford, 02 February 2015

    Charles Grant discusses three challenges facing the EU in 2015: the combined problems of Russia and Ukraine; the continuing fragility of the eurozone; and the growing risk of Brexit.

  • Review article by Ian Bond, 31 July 2014

    A number of member-states are unenthusiastic about further EU enlargement, but has the EU grown as much as it is going to?

  • Insight by Simon Tilford, 27 June 2014

    The gap between the eurozone’s richer and poorer members is as wide as in 1999 and is growing. Poorer prospective members should take note.

  • Opinion piece by Charles Grant
    New Statesman, 30 April 2014

    Most Belarusians have a somewhat weaker sense of identity than Ukrainians but they feel Belarusian rather than Russian.

  • Opinion piece by Ian Bond
    European Leadership Network, 07 April 2014

    Almost 40 years ago the nations of Europe agreed in the Helsinki Final Act to respect each other’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and choice of political system. By invading Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, President Putin has violated all these principles. This has profoundly destabilising implications for all the countries that lie between Russia and the European Union.

  • Insight by Charles Grant, 03 April 2014

    The annexation of Crimea has made Belarus nervous. It plans to join Russia's Eurasian Economic Union - but also hopes for closer ties to the EU‎.

  • Insight by Ian Bond, 01 April 2014

    In annexing Crimea, Putin has violated a taboo. The West should respond by deterring further adventurism, reinforcing regional security and encouraging change in Russia.