Integrity statement

CER statement on integrity

The CER is a private, not-for-profit organisation, not affiliated with any government, political party or European institution. Its reputation requires it to be completely independent.

The CER is funded largely by donations from the private sector, which are made public in a transparent manner. Our principal donors are listed here. We ensure that our funding comes from a wide variety of sources, so that no single donor can influence the conclusions we reach.

Researchers must never lobby for the interests of particular donors. The director and his or her senior colleagues decide what the CER does or does not publish. But the CER is not a campaigning organisation, and does not impose ‘lines to take’ upon its researchers. Staff are encouraged to arrive at their own conclusions through their research.

CER employees must always act with honesty, integrity, and openness in all their dealings as representatives of the CER. All CER staff are obliged to declare outside-work activities of any significance to the director.

CER employees may be called upon to advise policy-makers at many levels (European, national, global and local). They should do so with honesty and integrity – speaking for themselves, rather than for the CER.

If a member of staff has a grievance or thinks that something is not right, he or she should speak to their line manager or the director. The CER is always open to suggestions as to how the organisation can be made to work better. The CER promotes a working environment that values respect and fairness.

The CER operates an open and transparent recruitment process, advertising vacancies on various platforms. It is strongly committed to non-discrimination on grounds of gender, race, sexuality or age. All employees and contractors are offered a safe workplace.

The CER endeavours to foster frank and free discussion, through meetings, seminars, webinars and conferences. These events bring together people from the worlds of politics, business, the civil service, the media and academia. CER researchers hold various views but are encouraged through speaking at CER and other external events to engage in constructive argument, listening respectfully to those who disagree.

The advisory board and its chairman keep an eye on the management of the CER, as well as its events and research. They advise on strategy and may sometimes suggest a change of course.