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John Springford

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Britain and Europe, migration and labour markets, the single market and supply side reform, international trade, the euro, fiscal and monetary policy.


The EU risks damaging consumer interests in its push against Google dominance

City A.M
23 July 2015
Jean Tirole won last year’s Nobel prize for economics for his work on a new type of market – and one that has grown with the meteoric rise of the internet. So-called two-sided markets arise when a company brings together suppliers and consumers. Google is a classic example: it...

The Greek bailout deal resolves nothing

The Huffington Post
14 July 2015
The new bailout deal signals Greece's capitulation to its creditors, something which has important ramifications for the bailout's success. Even if the deal makes it through the Greek parliament in the coming weeks, the programme's economic incoherence will make it fall apart.

Will the ongoing Greek crisis have a positive impact on Britain's renegotiation with the EU?

City A.M
08 July 2015
John Springford, a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, says No
Those who believe that an embattled EU, weakened by an ongoing Greek crisis – or worse, Grexit – would give big concessions to David Cameron are misguided.

Open labour markets are good for Britain

Financial Times
17 April 2015
Senior research fellow John Springford writes an open letter to the Financial Times.

Brexit threatens Britain's poorest regions

09 April 2015
A British exit from the EU most imperils the UK’s poorest regions, and could make inequality worse, writes John Springford.

When you join the EU you make a deal – Switzerland needs to remember that

The Guardian
19 January 2015
Swiss attempts to limit EU immigration may succeed but, as UK Eurosceptics should note, reneging on a bargain can bring dire consequences.

Italy’s ‘Neet’ rate is way above OECD average

Financial Times
07 January 2015
John Springford writes a letter of opinion in the Financial Times.

Splendid isolation?

Project Syndicate
25 June 2014
Membership of the European Union has shackled Britain’s economy to a corpse. The United Kingdom has been bound by swaths of costly red tape to a bunch of moribund economies with no growth prospects. As a result, UK exporters have been held back from the fast-growing markets of the Commonwealth and the developing world.

Video interview on 'The economic consequences of leaving the EU'

09 June 2014
John Springford and Simon Tilford discuss the final report of the CER commission on the UK and the EU single market.

Video interview on 'The consequences of Brexit for the City of London'

08 May 2014
John Springford talks about his and Philip Whyte's latest policy brief 'The consequences of Brexit for the City of London'.