John Springford

John Springford

Deputy director
Areas of expertise 

Britain and Europe, migration and labour markets, the single market and supply side reform, international trade, the euro, fiscal and monetary policy.


CER podcast: Europe after Bremain - an agenda for the UK

17 June 2016
Sophia Besch talks to John Springford, Camino Mortera-Martinez and Ian Bond on what role the UK could play in the EU following a vote to stay in on June 23rd.
Share Radio: EU Debate

Share Radio: EU Debate

16 June 2016
The Chancellor George Osborne says he'll slash public spending and increase taxes in an emergency Budget to tackle a £30bn "black hole" if the UK votes to leave the European Union. That could include raising income and inheritance taxes and slashing the NHS budget.

CER podcast: The impact of a Brexit on different British regions

14 June 2016
John Springford talks to Sophia Besch about euroscepticism and hostility to immigration in England’s regions outside of London and the South East.

Brexiting yourself in the foot

09 June 2016
It looks as if the "Leave" camp will focus on immigration for the remainder of the Brexit campaign. Judging from the latest polls this may turn out to be a winning strategy.

CER podcast: Debate on - Can Britain join Norway in the EEA?

09 June 2016
Could Britain end up in the EEA? The CER couldn't agree, so we decided to have a debate between our director Charles Grant and senior research fellow John Springford.

ARD: Die Story im Ersten - Albtraum Brexit

06 June 2016
Das Rennen zwischen Befürwortern und Gegnern eines Austritts aus der EU ist denkbar knapp. Doch was kommt nach einem Brexit?

Duncan Smith's free movement fig-leaf

28 April 2016
Brexiteers, after a difficult start to the campaign, are trying to push the EU debate onto immigration.

The EU will play hardball with post-Brexit Britain

The Telegraph
19 April 2016
Post Brexit Britain will look back ruefully at its past privileges – inside the single market, but outside the eurozone – and wonder what possessed it to give them up.

UCL European Institute: John Springford on migration in the Brexit debate

31 March 2016
John Springford, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform on the economic and trade implications of free movement, and the role of migration in the referendum on Britain's EU membership.

The idea of buccaneer Britain trading freely outside the EU is a fantasy

The Telegraph
02 March 2016
We will always want to trade with Europe, because it's rich and close. The only question is the terms on which we will do so.